A Message from Prescott Mayor Mengarelli- Oct 18

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Prescott Mayor Greg Mengarelli discussed several topics in his updates on Facebook providing important information for the residents of Prescott, Arizona.

Here is the update for October 18, 2021

Here are some of the things I’ll be mentioning today:

  • Yavapai College Art Faculty Exhibit
  • Prescott Fire Department Chief Dennis Light
  • Prescott Police Traffic Enforcement
  • Coyote Incident in Blooming Hills
  • Dump the Drugs Event
  • Veterans Day Parade
  • Non-Profit Highlight: Prescott Police Foundation

Yavapai College Art Faculty Exhibit

The Yavapai College Art Faculty Exhibit
The Whiskey Row Wine Festival will take place at Mile High football field on Saturday
Roald Dahl’s Willy Wonka – Family Theatre
Heritage Festival “Celebrating our Roots”
Find more information and events at the Prescott Chamber website!

Prescott Fire Department Chief Dennis Light

The Prescott Fire Department’s Chief Dennis Light has announced his intention to retire as of February 1, 2022.
As the Prescott Fire Chief, Dennis has served his community with distinction over the past several years.

Due to some of his accomplishments, the City has a vastly improved Fire Protection Rating, the Prescott Fire Department is the sole organization to be internationally/nationally accredited by the Commission on Fire Accreditation International and fire frontline equipment has been updated.

On behalf of the City Council and myself, I want to congratulate Chief Light and wish him all the best in his next endeavors. He will be missed.

Read more about Chief Dennis Light.

Prescott Police Traffic Enforcement

The Traffic Safety Section of the Prescott Police Department is conducting extra traffic enforcement on Willow Creek Road and Rosser Street, looking for speeding violators and dangerous and reckless violations. It is their goal to slow down traffic in order to reduce serious traffic crashes.

Avoiding tickets is easy: Just drive safely and within the speed limit!

Read more.

Coyote Incident in Blooming Hills

Yesterday morning, the Prescott Police Department received a report of a coyote that bit a citizen in the Blooming Hills area. Animal Control Officers and Arizona Game and Fish are looking for the coyote at this time.

Here are some guidelines from Arizona Game and Fish:

What Should I Do If A Coyote Approaches Me?

  • NEVER approach a coyote or attempt to capture it.
  • Show you are dominant by keeping eye contact with the animal.
  • Yell or make loud noises with whistles, blare music, or bang on pots and pans.
  • Encourage coyotes to leave by spraying with a hose, throwing sticks or rocks near them, or shaking a can filled with pennies or pebbles.
  • Don’t stimulate a coyote’s chase instinct by running.
  • Pick up small pets.

Protect small children so they won’t panic and run.
Act as large and threatening as possible. Make aggressive gestures with your arms and legs, or wave an object at the animal.

Small children can be at risk from coyotes. However, in Arizona, it is rare for a coyote to bite any human. If you see this coyote, please leave it alone, and call 911 to report the sighting.

It is your responsibility to know the laws. COYOTES CAN ONLY BE CAPTURED OR KILLED BY SOMEONE WITH A PROPER LICENSE from the Arizona Game and Fish Department, or in defense of yourself or another person.

Learn more about Coyote Safety from Arizona Game and Fish.

Dump the Drugs Event

On Saturday, October 23rd, MATFORCE and local law enforcement agencies are hosting a “Dump the Drugs” event, so that you can safely and easily dispose of your unused and expired medications. Please do not flush them down the toilet, where they end up in our groundwater, lakes, and rivers.

Bring the drugs to the Prescott Police Department at 222 S. Marina Street in Prescott from 10 AM – 2 PM on Saturday, or to the other locations listed on the flyer.

Read More about the Dump the Drugs Event

Veterans Day Parade

Just a reminder, mark your calendars, November 11th is the Veterans Day Parade, honoring our World War II veterans. This year’s theme is “Honoring World War II Veterans, a Grateful Nation Salutes the Greatest Generation.”
Opening ceremonies take place at 10:30 AM, and the parade will begin at 11 AM.

Individuals, businesses, and groups interested in participating in the parade are asked to return your entry form no later than October 22, 2021, to assure proper staging and information prior to the event.

Learn more about the 2021 Veterans Day Parade.

Non-Profit Highlight: Prescott Police Foundation

The Prescott Police Foundation is a local 501(c)(3) organization that supports the Prescott Community and Police Department, including:

  • Prescott K-9s and their Unit and events
  • Citizens on Patrol
  • Scholarships at PHS
  • Purchases of unbudgeted equipment and supplies
  • Shop with a Cop

They are having a very special event this Saturday in Williamson Valley: A viewing of Harley Dave’s Incredible Vehicle Collection. David Mohlenbruk, also known as Harley Dave, has spent a lifetime collecting cars, trucks, motorcycles and much more – all housed in several buildings on his Williamson Valley property. Spend the day wandering around the property looking at this amazing collection. There will also be K-9 demonstrations, vendors and food trucks and live music.

The event is not open to the public, but tickets are available for purchase. The Prescott Police Foundation is a great organization to support!

Learn more about the Prescott Police Foundation.

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