A Message from Prescott Forest Service

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The Prescott National Forest is implementing a phased reopening of our closed recreation sites projected to start in June. It is critical they have adequate staffing in place and trained (hosts at campgrounds are volunteers), have adequate safety equipment and supplies on hand for daily operations and reliable resupply chain, and water system start-up completed in compliance with ADEQ standards. Phased reopening is based on risks assessments, feasibility for social distancing at locations, and the ability to protect visitors and employees.

Prescott National Forest

The vast majority of Forest Service lands in Arizona remain open for public use, and the Forest Service looks forward to the day when all locations can safely reopen. The Forest Service is making every effort to expand access to recreation facilities within the context of CDC guidance and state and local government orders for residents.

There are several stages local Forest Service units will move through during this process to mitigate potential risks to the public, employees, and contractors with the intent of providing recreation opportunities that many feel are critical to the American way of life. They are committed to providing customer service and advancing recreation opportunities in an adaptable manner while monitoring health data and state orders.

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  1. Phil Verdon says:

    Is montezumas castle opening soon?

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