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An Outdoor Great: Dr. Todd Geiler

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Dr. Todd Geiler is a fun and interesting person with a long-standing love of the outdoors. He enjoys everything from photography to hunting and fishing when he isn’t working in his eye care business. Dr. Geiler can often be found heading out to spend his free time in nature. More than just a personal love of the outdoors, Dr. Geiler has taken time to get kids involved in outdoor activities. He has helped coordinate and run fishing events that get kids set up to experience fishing for the first time.

What he does has never been about the love of sport, instead, it is a desire to understand nature, the need for balance, and how to apply it. Geiler was recently nominated to the Arizona Game and Fish Commission, “Dr. Geiler’s extensive outdoor involvement and community leadership will serve the Arizona Game and Fish Commission well,” said Arizona Governor Doug Ducey. This certainly earns Dr. Todd Geiler a place on the list of Outdoor Greats!

Originally published in TG Magazine.

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