An Outdoor Great: Mike Glover of Fieldcraft Survival, Inc.

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Former U.S. Army Special Forces Sergeant Major Mike Glover is CEO and owner of Fieldcraft Survival Inc. located in Prescott, Arizona. He loves what he does! Glover has a history in the military and, for 20 years, worked as a Green Beret in Special Forces.

After retiring from the military, Glover took his knowledge and training and did what came naturally. He launched Fieldcraft Survival Inc. with a goal to aid citizens in the community to be better prepared in emergency and outdoor scenarios.

With his goal to assist others, Glover takes his business model one step further and works to give back to the community. Fieldcraft Survival Inc. hosts an annual toy drive, raises funds for law enforcement families in need, and several other community support programs. For this reason, Mike Glover is considered one of our Outdoor Greats!

Originally published in TG Magazine.


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One response to “An Outdoor Great: Mike Glover of Fieldcraft Survival, Inc.”

  1. Guy Roginson says:

    Mike Glover and the Fieldcraft Tribe helped my family raise over $15,000 for a family member of ours (also US Army Veteran) who passed away recently due to COVID. Thank you to Mike and Fieldcraft.

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