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An Outdoor Great: Mike Johns and the RoughRider 100

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Mike Johns, founder of the RoughRider 100, plays a key role in the Quad Cities and lives of many children. Inspired by the storied history of Teddy Roosevelt’s Rough Riders and Buckey O’Neil, Mike Johns has had a hand in the creation and continuation of the RoughRider 100 race and the kids’ FCA Motocross Camp.

Taking place in the spring in Prescott Valley, the RoughRider 100 is the southwest’s largest professional off-road motorcycle race. This event was created to help fund the kids FCA Motocross Camp, a week where kids, who often have the odds stacked against them, are able to spend time on dirt bikes and just have fun. Mike has worked hard the past two years on the events to make them successful and has truly made a difference in our communities. For this, he is an Outdoor Great!  For more information on the RoughRider 100 check out

Originally published in TG Magazine.

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