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An Outdoor Great: Vern Wallace of Mile High Off-Road

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Vern Wallace of Mile High Offroad, started off-roading when he was young, going out in his first jeep before he was even old enough to drive. After attending college and a career in aerospace, he found off-roading as an outlet to relieve stress. Now Wallace gets to help others play dirty in their 4×4’s.

Wallace isn’t just about play, he is also about giving back to the community. Among other events, the company has donated Razor rentals for fundraisers and other worthy causes. Despite Wallace’s calm demeanor, you can tell when walking with him through the shop rife with off-road vehicles, he is in his element. The love of off-roading and helping others to get outside is strong in Vern Wallace and, for this, he is definitely an Outdoor Great!

Originally published in TG Magazine.

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