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Arizona Chamber of Commerce and Industry Announces 2018 Legislative Endorsements

Chamber endorses bipartisan slate of incumbents and challengers all committed to fostering better environment for business, pro-growth agenda

Arizona Chamber of Commerce and Industry

The Arizona Chamber of Commerce and Industry has made its 2018 election endorsements for the state Legislature.

“We believe we have endorsed a slate of outstanding candidates who are all committed to advancing public policy that makes Arizona more economically competitive,” Hamer said. “We look forward to working with each of these individuals at the Capitol to make Arizona the absolute best place in the country to grow a business thanks to attractive tax, workforce, regulatory and education environments.”

The Chamber maintains a rigorous process for supporting individuals for the Legislature. Incumbent legislative candidates were evaluated based on their voting record as it relates to the Chamber policy agenda and their commitment to enhancing Arizona’s competitive standing. Challenger candidates were asked to complete a questionnaire about their policy positions before participating in a candidate interview with members of the Chamber Public Affairs Committee. The Public Affairs Committee made recommendations for candidate endorsements to the Board of Directors, which ultimately voted on the final endorsements.

“There are many big issues facing the state that will determine whether Arizona continues its upward trajectory, or whether we’ll take a step back,” Hamer said. “These challengers and incumbents – Republicans and Democrats – are committed to ensuring Arizona’s best days are ahead.”

The Chamber’s endorsements are as follows:


Karen Fann, LD1

Sonny Borrelli, LD5

Sylvia Allen, LD6

Frank Pratt, LD8

David Bradley, LD10

Vince Leach, LD11

Sine Kerr, LD13

Drew John, LD14

Heather Carter, LD15

J.D. Mesnard, LD17

Sean Bowie, LD18

Lupe Contreras, LD19

Paul Boyer, LD20

Rick Gray, LD21

David Livingston, LD22

Kate Brophy McGee, LD28


LD1, Jodi Rooney

LD2, Christopher Ackerley and Daniel Hernandez

LD5, Regina Cobb

LD6, Bob Thorpe and Stuart McDaniel

LD8, David Cook and T.J. Shope

LD9, Ana Henderson and JP Martin

LD10, Todd Clodfelter

LD13, Darin Mitchell and Timothy Dunn

LD14, Becky Nutt and Gail Griffin

LD15, John Allen

LD17, Jeff Weninger and Nora Ellen

LD18, Jill Norgaard and Greg Patterson

LD19, Diego Espinoza and Lorenzo Sierra

LD20, Anthony Kern and Shawnna Bolick

LD21 Kevin Payne and Tony Rivero

LD22, Ben Toma

LD23, John Kavanagh and Jay Lawrence

LD25, Rusty Bowers and Michelle Udall

LD27, Roberto Sanchez

LD28, Kathy Pappas Petsas

LD29, Cesar Chavez

LD30, Robert Meza and Bill Brotherton

The Chamber will announce its endorsements for statewide office next week.

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