Arizona Cowboy Poets Sell Original Oil Painting

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One of Prescott’s most popular events, the Arizona Cowboy Poets Gathering, announces the sale of an original oil on linen titled Tall Tales by Prescott, Arizona, artist Steve Atkinson, a painting used in the 2015 Gathering’s official poster.

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Tall Tales, an original oil on linen painting by Steve Atkinson.

This original painting, donated by a patron, is for sale to any private collector and valued at $12,000 with all proceeds dedicated to future productions of the Gathering. Inquiries about the painting can be emailed to:

“This really is quite a gift. We don’t see these originals come up for sale often and we are truly grateful to the donor for providing us with such a beautiful piece. It will help our organization to continue to bring the event to Prescott,” stated Jim Buchanan, Chair of the Gathering.

The painting depicts two cowboys on horseback gazing up at ancient petroglyphs etched high above them on a cliff face. Atkinson’s paintings, which he defines as “storytelling,” can be found in collections throughout the United States and Europe and are often works that depict the American west. Cowboys, cattle, action scenes, and historical settings are essential to his work. The Tall Tales oil on linen original includes a museum-quality frame and measures 48” high by 38” wide—40” by 30” unframed.

The painting even inspired a few cowboy poets to write poems about it, including the following by Prescott poet Sally Bates.

Hieroglyphics grace the face
Of a granite shelf above
A sign of people, long past gone
Recording life there of
And on another granite wall
In old New Mexico
They added “Paso Por Aqui”
To the names and places found
On the face of the great “El Morro”.
Traces of our history, traces of our lives
Of family trees and ‘ology
Of every race and creed
So, cowboy stories, poetry
We share and glean . . .and prose
Falls from a pen somewhere in time
Until the wording glows
And there . . .and there . . .
A story flows, that may not all be true
But it’s a cowboy story
And some day it won’t be new
“fools names in foolish places”
Grandma once told me
But will the names and places
That today we drive and see
Ever really hold the tales
Whether tall or really true?
Thank God for pen and paper,
To hold our mystery
The modern hieroglyphics
Of our cowboy history.

~ Sally Bates | 2015

For more than 33 years, The Arizona Cowboy Poets Gathering has maintained a standard that has been abandoned by most other gatherings: that of inviting men and women who are now or have been in the past a part of the working cowboys’ environment and workplace. The Arizona Cowboy Poets Gathering is respected by the cowboy poets as one of the best gatherings in the country because it helps maintain the true “working cowboy” culture and heritage. The Arizona Cowboy Poets Gathering is a 501c3 non-profit organization managed by an all-volunteer Board and Committee.

To learn more about the artist, click here: To learn how to add Tall Tales to your collection, please email

For more information, visit

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