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Arizona REALTORS® Announces 2018 Primary Election Endorsements

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The Arizona REALTORS® state association, which represents more than 50,000 real estate professionals,Arizona Realtors Association has released its 2018 primary election endorsements for the Arizona Senate, House of Representatives and statewide offices. The association is pleased to endorse 27 Senate, 50 House and five statewide candidates.

“The housing industry is key to the success of Arizona’s economy and as REALTORS® we are uniquely positioned to understand the impact our roles make on our state,” said Shelley Ostrowski, chairwoman of the REALTORS® of Arizona Political Action Committee (RAPAC). “Daily, we connect people to their communities and in turn people to their government. We are excited to announce a slate of candidates who share the REALTOR® vision for the protection of private property rights, affordable homeownership and understand the issues facing our membership, the real estate industry and our citizens.”

Arizona REALTORS® is confident that each of these candidates understands the issues of concern to the real estate community, homebuyers, sellers, and property owners in the Grand Canyon state. It looks forward to working with both the administration and the legislature to ensure that the work of the 2019/2020 legislative session results in policies and programs beneficial to the Arizona real estate industry.

The full slate of the Arizona Association of REALTORS® legislative candidate endorsements below:

House of Representatives:

District 1: Noel Campbell – R, Jodi Rooney – R

District 2: Daniel Hernandez – D, Rosanna Gabaldón – D

District 3: Olivia Cajero Bedford – D, Alma Hernandez – D

District 4: Charlene Fernandez – D, Geraldine Peten – D

District 5: Regina Cobb – R, Paul Mosley – R

District 6: Bob Thorpe – R, Stuart McDaniel – R

District 8: T.J. Shope – R, David Cook – R

District 9: Pamela Powers Hannley – D

District 10: Todd Clodfelter – R, Kristen Engel – D

District 12: Warren Peterson – R, Travis Grantham – R

District 13: Timothy Dunn – R, Joanne Osborne – R

District 14: Gail Griffin – R, Becky Nutt – R

District 15: John Allen – R, Nancy Barto – R

District 16: Kelly Townsend – R

District 17: Jeff Weninger – R, Nora Ellen– R,

District 18: Jill Norgaard – R

District 19: Jose Espinoza – D, Lorenzo Sierra – D

District 20: Shawna Bolick – R

District 21: Tony Rivero – R, Kevin Payne – R

District 22: Ben Toma – R

District 23: John Kavanagh – R, Jay Lawrence – R

District 24: Ken Clark – D, John Glenn – D

District 25: Russell “Rusty” Bowers – R, Michelle Udall – R

District 26: Isela Blanc – D, Athena Salman – D

District 27: Reginald Bolding – D

District 28: Kelli Butler – D, Kathy Petas – R

District 29: Richard Andrade – D, Cesar Chavez – D

District 30: Robert Meza – D, Bill Brotherton – D


District 1: Karen Fann – R

District 2: Andrea Dalessandro – D

District 3: Sally Ann Gonzeles – D

District 4: Lisa Otondo – D

District 5: Sonny Borrelli – R

District 6: Sylvia Allen – R

District 7: Jamescita Peshlakai – D

District 8: Frank Pratt – R

District 9: Randall Friese – D

District 10: David Bradley – D

District 11: Vince Leach – R

District 13: Sine Kerr – R

District 14: Drew John – R

District 15: Heather Carter – R

District 16: David Farnsworth – R

District 17: J.D. Mesnard – R

District 18: Sean Bowie – D

District 19: Lupe Contreras – D

District 21: Rick Gray – R

District 22: David Livingston – R

District 23: Michelle Ugenti Rita – R

District 24: Lela Alston – D

District 26: Juan Mendez – D

District 27: Rebecca Rios – D

District 28: Kate Brophy McGee – R

District 29: Martin Quezada – D

District 30: Tony Navarrete – D

Statewide Offices:

Arizona State Governor: Doug Ducey – R

Arizona Secretary of State: Michele Reagan – R

Arizona State Treasurer: Kimberly Yee – R

Arizona Attorney General: Mark Brnovich – R

Arizona State Mine Inspector: Joe Hart – R

Arizona Association of Realtors

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