Camping and Motor Vehicle Use Closures at Perkinsville Bridge on the Chino Valley Ranger District

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Officials on the Prescott National Forest have implemented a 2-year Camping and Motor Vehicle Use closure for the area near Perkinsville Bridge on the Chino Valley Ranger District effective October 3, 2021, through October 3, 2023.

Forest Officials have signed and implemented a temporary camping and motor vehicle use closure in and around the Perkinsville Bridge area. This includes a motor vehicle use closure of National Forest Service Roads 9004W and 9004M adjacent to the bridge. Overnight camping in and around the bridge along the Verde River is prohibited. County Road 70 will remain open with limited parking alongside the roadway. The area is open to both day use and non-motorized activities including swimming, picnicking, wildlife viewing, and hiking, among other recreational activities.

Over the past few years, dispersed camping in these areas and high use has caused significant resource damage to soil and water quality; as well as abandoned property, trash, and sanitation issues creating an unsafe environment for other forest users and continued resource degradation. The area is also subject to flash flooding potential and is critical habitat for both threatened & endangered species.

Over the next two years, the district will be analyzing currently dispersed camping corridors, district-wide recreational opportunities, areas of overuse and look at the long-term management of these areas. This process will provide an opportunity for public involvement and input.

For more information contact the Bradshaw & Chino Valley Ranger Districts at 928-443-8000.

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