City of Cottonwood’s Response to Governor’s June 29th Order

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COTTONWOOD, AZ – Effective 8 p.m. today, all indoor gyms and bars with a Series 6 or 7 license must close to the public. All mass gatherings of 50 or more people are prohibited. To view Governor Ducey’s order visit

At this time the City of Cottonwood will continue to keep City facilities open with the exception of the Community Recreation Center, which must now temporarily close the indoor facility. The outdoor pool will remain open for lap swimming. More details on the outdoor pool are forthcoming.

The City of Cottonwood will be assessing how this order affects future plans and will issue updates as decisions are made. For more information please call 928-634-5526.

3 responses to “City of Cottonwood’s Response to Governor’s June 29th Order”

  1. Jim says:

    Are the Pickleball courts to remain open?

  2. Robert Alonzo says:

    I agree with Mountain Side Fitness and Tom Hatten. I see the employees cleaning the gym with disinfectant, the users clean each machine after use and there is social distancing when possible. The only thing that could be added is taking temperatures on entering.

    • Moraine Windham says:

      Staggered admittance? 10-20 at a time. For 1-2 hours each member. When one leaves, another is admitted. Count heads the same way grocery stores did & probably will again. This is a community essential
      This solution is easy and allows continuance of revenue

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