City of Flagstaff Minimum Wage Increase is in Effect

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Starting Jan. 1, 2021, the hourly minimum wage in the city of Flagstaff increased to $15 per hour. This increase is in accordance with Proposition 414 which was passed by voters in the Nov. 2016 election and amended by city council March of 2017.

Minimum Wage

The Minimum Wage Ordinance covers all individuals who work or expected to work (25) twenty-five hours or more in any calendar year, within the city limits of Flagstaff and is or was employed by an employer. Under the Minimum Wage Ordinance, employees must be paid wages of not less than $15 per hour and paid wages for all hours worked. For employees who regularly and customarily receive tips or gratuities, an employer may pay tipped employees a maximum of up to $3 per hour less than the city of Flagstaff’s hourly minimum wage for 2021 providing the tipped employee:

1. Earns at least the hourly minimum wage for all hours worked for each workweek including all tips and;

2. Informed in writing by their employer of all the tip credit provisions.

Employers may obtain the required 2021 poster, 2021 employee written notices and 2021 employer signature form by visiting

Contact the Office of Labor Standards at (928) 213-2071 for any questions.

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