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City of Kingman Launches Recovery Grant Programs

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With the City of Kingman’s Council approved new fiscal year budget underway, exciting initiatives were approved to help our local business community recover during the recent economic downturn.

Among the budgeted items are three fast-tracked programs launched in July of 2020; the Façade Improvement Program, the Parklet/Pedlet Incentive Program with $90,000 in combined funds, and $10,000 for a Kingman Tourism Facebook Marketing Grant.

Kingman Mayor Jen Miles said, “These three programs are among the city’s many efforts to work with our local businesses who have been hard-hit from the pandemic. We are dedicated to help stimulate recovery and ensure our citizens and businesses return safely and stronger.”

The Facebook Marketing Grant is a marketing opportunity covered 100% by the City of Kingman, developed for the purpose of expanding travel and tourism-related activities throughout Kingman.  Eligible participants can submit campaign applications for $200 in subsidized boosted posts. Boosts would be posted on the City Tourism Facebook page (@GoKingman with 11.3K followers) with links back to the participant’s website, which could increase traffic to their webpages and potentially help drive sales. Eligible campaigns include events, dining experiences, special tours, lodging packages, or specialized retail experiences.

The Façade Improvement Program was developed to stimulate revitalization by providing businesses citywide with the means to improve the appearance of their commercial buildings. The program provides a 90% reimbursement of expenditures, up to $9,000, and includes assistance from an architect to provide a customized design. Some eligible improvements include exterior painting, awnings, replacement of doors and windows, lighting, and fabricated signs. Examples of improvements that wouldn’t be eligible are equipment, landscaping, roof repairs, or anything not enhancing the front of the property or visible from the street, such as interior work.

The Parklet/Pedlet Program furthers the City’s vision and goal of having a successful downtown that serves as a hub for the arts, entertainment, tourism, and events. It was developed to stimulate revitalization and encourage commercial property owners to partner with the City and find ways to attract locals and visitors downtown. The program provides a 50% reimbursement of expenditures, up to $5,000, and assistance from an architect to provide a customized layout that’s compatible with the neighborhood. The program is eligible to any commercial property fronting East Beale Street between 2nd and 6th Streets.

If an applicant is located within the Infill Incentive District, which includes District includes portions of downtown Kingman, West Beale Street, and East Andy Devine Avenue, they may further benefit with a waiver of some commercial permit fees.

Funding is available on a first-come, first-served basis. More details and application forms for all three programs can be found under the “Business Environment” tab on the City of Kingman’s Economic Development website, Interested parties can also contact Economic Development Manager Sylvia Shaffer at (928) 753-8131 with questions about the Façade Improvement and Parklet/Pedlet programs, or Tourism Services Manager Josh Noble at (928) 718-2581 for more information about the Facebook Marketing Grant.

2 responses to “City of Kingman Launches Recovery Grant Programs”

  1. This is Good News in revitalizing Beale Street. It will encourage more businesses to relocate close to Beale where especially on Andy Devine it does not appear as inviting as Beale Street. Yes Beale Street will be an awesome venue for local folks and tourists. Walk and Ride is doable too

    • Too and will add to the mobility of area. Concerned resident who would love to see my hometown prosper without Big Business. The Downtown area I have fallen in love with KINGMAN my home for 15 years is special in so many ways.

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