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Climate Emergency Declared by Flagstaff City Council

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The Flagstaff City Council declared a Climate Emergency at their June 23, 2020 meeting. The Declaration commits Flagstaff to updating its Climate Action and Adaptation Plan to achieve community-wide carbon neutrality by the year 2030.

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The Declaration is a result of a citizen petition requesting the Flagstaff City Council to take more aggressive action toward mitigating greenhouse gas emission. The citizen initiative was inspired by the United Nations’ November 2019 Emissions Gap Report that found that countries collectively failed to stop the growth in emissions, meaning that deeper and faster cuts are now required. Flagstaff joins more than 1,750 communities worldwide that are committing to carbon neutrality by 2030.

The declaration identifies eight actions for the city and community to uphold, including revising the Climate Action and Adaptation Plan, supporting a collaborative climate action mobilization that requires full community participation, and educating Flagstaff’s youth about the emergency and inspiring actions, while keeping the concerns of vulnerable communities, minorities, and those experiencing poverty central to all efforts.

“Reaching carbon neutrality by 2030 will require strong leadership and dedication, and while it will be hard, Flagstaff can meet this challenge and turn current risks into future opportunities that are accessible to all residents equally,” said Mayor Evans. “I want to thank the community members that brought this initiative forward, specifically Flagstaff’s youth.”

The City Council followed the adoption of the Climate Emergency Declaration with action, by adopting two separate climate action related resolutions. The first urges the Arizona Corporation Commission to join the Flagstaff City Council’s steps to address and reverse the effects of climate change adopting an aggressive statewide clean energy standard that achieves 100% carbon-free clean energy in Arizona. The second resolution urges the federal government to pass a carbon fee and dividend legislation, specifically H. R. 763, the Energy Innovation and Carbon Dividend Act.

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