Commercial Real Estate Developer’s Multimedia Efforts Garner over 2,000,000 Views in June 2020

A Unique, Positive Approach to Community Development
"Talking Glass" Audible Stories on Signals AZ made possible by The Fain Signature Group - Celebrating 60 Years of Community Building

On March 01, 2018 commercial real estate developer and community builder Fain Signature Group of Prescott Valley, AZ. launched Talking Glass Media, LLC., the multimedia organization responsible for publishing In 2018, Fain’s multimedia website generated 256,000 page views. In 2019, those page views grew to 1,083,658 page views. From January 2020 – June 23, 2020, the Prescott Valley based multimedia website garnered 2,000,000 page views in less than 6 months, tracking for a 200%+ growth rate over 2019. is now the #1 Ranking good news website in central Arizona as compared to the other leading multimedia websites in the region according to leading search engine optimization tools.

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Fain Signature Group’s motivations to jump into the world of multimedia were born out of the desire to better promote their tenants and the Town of Prescott Valley, while also providing alternative, positive news and events sources.

“The market was rife with negative news and divisive content, something we are all familiar with,” says Guy Roginson, Executive Editor, Talking Glass Media. “As the former owner of a local online news source and marketing agency in Prescott, I was familiar with the online world and what it took to build and operate a multimedia publication.  Brad Fain, CEO, Fain Signature Group approached me and asked, “What would it take to create our own, positive news source?  Stories about the great people and businesses that make up this Town and region. No negativity. No bad news. Just good news and solutions.””

Within 6 months of that conversation between a community builder and online publisher, Talking Glass Media LLC was launched on March 01, 2018. Since then, has become the leading publication in the region. Recently, Talking Glass Media launched TG Magazine, the newest quarterly print publication for Prescott Valley and the region.

Unique to Talking Glass Media and the region is the outdoor media offerings (digital billboards) that Fain’s publishing arm provides in addition to its multimedia website and quarterly print publication.

“We truly offer a complete suite of marketing and advertising opportunities for both small local businesses and national brands. In one conversation, we can place brands online, in print and on billboards. Best yet, they are all offered through a positive lens. That’s what Talking Glass Media is all about,” says Roginson.  “The proof is in the numbers which are driven by positivity. I am very proud to work here. I am even more proud of the team of pros I have the opportunity to work with and call Teammates. The culture here is killer. It’s positive, collaborative, challenging and supportive. We are all constantly learning while also leaning on each other to drive success of our company, Town, and region.”


Prescott Valley’s Talking Glass Media Launches Text-to-Speech Service “Talking Glass Stories”

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