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December 12th Update with Prescott Mayor Phil Goode

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Prescott Mayor Phil Goode discussed several topics in his updates on Facebook providing important information for the residents of Prescott, Arizona.

Here is the update for December 12, 2022:

  • City Council Meeting
  • Launch Pad Teen Center’s Better Together
  • The Consent Agenda
  • Holiday Season

City Council Meeting

We have three Council meetings tomorrow, December 13th.

During the Executive Session at 10 AM, we will hear from the City Attorneys regarding a request for Annexation from Dry Gulch Steakhouse.

Our attorneys will also update Council members on the Airport Vicinity Overlay (AVO) District, and related matters, including possible property acquisition and dispute resolution negotiations.

Although the Executive Session itself is not open to the public, we may convene into a Public Meeting immediately afterwards to discuss possible action regarding the matters discussed in the Executive Session.

Launch Pad Teen Center’s Better Together

As part of the Study Session at 1 PM, Council will hear a Presentation regarding The Launch Pad Teen Center’s Better Together Campaign.

The second study session topic for the Council will be a presentation regarding the City’s Pavement Management Program.

The annual Capital Improvement Program (CIP) includes the on-going maintenance of the City’s roads and pavement assets through an annual Pavement Management Program. Beginning in 2019, the City partnered with Infrastructure Management Services (IMS) to perform a city-wide pavement condition assessment, which evaluates pavement conditions and recommends various pavement treatments to extend the useful life.

The City’s Pavement Management Program has a budget of $8.5 million annually.

While the Study Session is not a voting meeting, Council may direct staff to reduce, maintain, or increase this amount as part of the City’s budgeting process.

The Consent Agenda

The Voting Meeting will start at 3 PM. The first vote will be to approve the Consent Agenda.

The Consent Agenda is a list of items, in this case 10 items, that can be voted on at one time with no need for discussion. These items are typically non-controversial, but each of the items can be pulled for discussion by any of the Council members.

Among the items on the Consent Agenda, is accepting a grant in the amount of $180,000 to continue two grant-funded Detective Positions on the City’s police department payroll.

The Consent agenda also includes audio, video, cabinetry and HVAC related items for the new City Hall renovations. This phase of the Renovations will cost about $193,000.

During the Regular Agenda, each item is considered individually.

I am pleased to report that Council will consider ratifying the Establishment of Prescott City Attorney’s Office Diversion Program. This Diversion program will be for first time misdemeanor offenders, in which a defendant may earn the dismissal of the criminal complaint after successfully completing the program requirements. The Diversion program staff will monitor the defendant’s progress and confirm compliance.

The purpose of the diversion program is to connect first-time offenders with the tools and resources they need to overcome the conditions that lead them to commit a crime in the first place. A $350 fee will be assessed for each participant in the Diversion Program, with the fee covering the prosecution and administration costs.

Holiday Season

I do hope you’re enjoying the Christmas season here in Prescott. This upcoming weekend, we are looking forward to the first ever, family-friendly Christmas Village & Christkindlmarket.

Historic Prescott will be the site of this new tradition of Old Europe-type celebrations. In the spirit and style of a German Christmas Market, Goodwin Street will be filled with vendors offering last-minute gift items, live music, horse-drawn carriage rides around the Courthouse, and a visit with St. Nicholas for the kids.

Enjoy German-style food and a Bier Garten with beer and hot mulled wine. Santa will be on hand for the children to visit, as well as a mini-nostalgic carousel, a mini ferris wheel, and a huge snowman disco dome bounce house.

Hop aboard a Clydesdale Carriage Ride in downtown Prescott, and enjoy the live music and performances throughout the weekend. The Christkindlmarket link below provides all the details of this new Prescott tradition.

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