Discover Prescott From A Bird’s Eye View

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For the price of dinner and a movie, take a front seat to the experience of a lifetime in Prescott, Arizona. See the area from the skies, and hop into the pilot’s seat with Leighnor Aircraft.

Leighnor Aircraft offers a “Discovery Flight” to give you the first-hand experience of being in the cock pit. Their Certified Flight Instructors will review the essentials with you, and be your co-pilot as you both take a 30-40 minute flight around beautiful Prescott. Or opt for the full-hour flight for a more immersive experience!

Discover Prescott From A Bird's Eye View signals az

Photo courtesy Leighnor Aircraft.

Discovery Flights are great for:

  • Prospective students to experience what flight training is really like (your discovery flight will count towards training hours!)
  • Birthday, Anniversary, Christmas & Holiday gifts
  • The experience of a lifetime!

For details on what to expect on your Discovery Flight, reach out to Leighnor Aircraft. Happy flying!

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