Diversified Bringing a Unique Opportunity to Prescott

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Diversified Partners, has received approval for the high profile 25 lot, residential community near Prescott Gateway Mall providing future residents easy and convenient access to a variety of shopping, food, and entertainment.

The site, which offers great views, is being sold as one complete lot for home builders to come and create a one-of-a-kind community right in the heart of central Arizona. Located just west of the Prescott Gateway Mall, the development, called Ridge View, will allow continued support and will strengthen the area by providing additional housing opportunities for diverse buyers in the City of Prescott.

Diversified Partners is currently interviewing local companies or individuals who would be interested in purchasing and creating a quality project.

Who is Diversified Partners?

Before taking the leap, there may be questions on exactly who Diversified Partners is. This company offers a variety of commercial and residential real estate services as well as investment and property ownership services all designed to give you the best service possible.

Commercial Real Estate Services

Diversified Partners’ Commercial Real Estate Services encompasses a large variety of services including real estate brokerage services, landlord representation, tenant representation, sales, leasing, master brokerage/national representation services, retailer disposition services, and asset management. No matter what service you require, Diversified’s knowledgeable team can provide top-notch aid.


Balance. Harmony. Synergy. Execution. Those are not just buzzwords. They are the basis of Diversified Partners’ property development process. With these keys always in mind, their development arm has grown into one of the largest commercial real estate development companies in the United States. The firm develops, redevelops, and owns a wide variety of commercial real estate properties. Taking a hands-on approach, their partners initiate strategies, review site plans, attend government meetings, and negotiate contracts. They think for the long-term, always planning for a proper investment mix because the right “fit” measurably lengthens the success of a development.


Diversified Partners believes that the construction process is extremely important and uses their fully qualified construction management team who has the same sense of commitment as they do. By taking pride in the construction process, Diversified clients quickly realize this capability adds significant value to their projects.

Property Management

Diversified’s experience in retail real estate provides clients with a distinct advantage when it comes to management. The property management team understands the priorities that drive client interests and through years in the field have acquired immense training in property managment.

Diversified Partners Experienced Team Oversees and Provides:

Accounting/Risk Assessment: Accurate and timely accounting reports; monthly operating costs, annual operating budgets, CAM reconciliations, and proforma analysis, in addition to other financial services.

Efficient Cost Plans: Ongoing cost evaluations for supplies, materials, and other services necessary to operate the property.

Maintenance: Protects the assets’ value through proactive property preservation.

Legal: Represented by in-house legal counsel

Sales: Facilitates dispositions/acquisitions for property owners.

Leasing: Assists in the entire leasing process to ensure a smooth transition from the lease execution to maintaining retention. Their team supervises all tenant communications and lease negotiations including tenant move-ins, lease termination, assignments, and complaints.

For more information, please contact Diversified Partners CEO, Walt Brown Jr, at 480-383-8160. Learn more about Diversified Partners at dpcre.com.

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  1. Dr. Anne Hom says:

    Will all the homes be only for rent, or for purchase?

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