Double Your Donation with Renaissance Realty and Support Colorado River Food Bank

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Renaissance Realty has partnered with H&R Block to double your donations for the 12th Annual Food Drive to benefit the Colorado River Food Bank!  For every donation made, Renaissance Realty will match your contribution, dollar for dollar or pound for pound.

From now until October 22nd, bring your donations to Renaissance Realty at 3030 S. Needles Hwy #900, Laughlin, NV (Next to H&R Block and Mama’s Pizza).

In 2019, the 11th Annual Food Drive collected over 25,225 food items with help from 615 local businesses and this year, the goal is to donate more than ever before! Take some time to support the local community and feed more families by donating to the 12th Annual Food Drive to make this year’s drive the most successful ever.

For questions or for more information please call 702-964-6626.

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