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Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson | Waiting on a Phone Call

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“Can you smell what The Pod is cookin’!?”

On this week’s episode of Waiting on a Phone Call, Ben Kesterson and Mike Sarti wait for the wrestling superstar, turned multi-media mogul, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson to call. Mike & Ben were there for his WWF debut in the 90’s, and now they dive into his illustrious career full of action movies, rap songs, and future political aspirations.

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Waiting on a Phone Call signals az

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Waiting on a Phone Call

Hosts Mike and Ben dig into their Rolodex to bring you the most interesting conversations with famous people from across the world. Inevitably, they are too busy for two Prescott boys. So instead, they find community leaders, friends, family, and more locally-based interesting people to talk about all of life’s greatest fascinations, while they are waiting on a call.

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