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Earth Day: Invest in Our Planet

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The theme of Earth Day this year is “Invest in Our Planet.” Whether you choose to invest your energy, time, or other resources, there are a multitude of ways to show your appreciation for our planet.

  • Limit device use: You might choose to take an evening off your cellphone or refrain from watching TV on a particular day. The benefits of this are two-fold: in addition to saving valuable energy that can tax the earth, you’re giving yourself an opportunity to get more enjoyment from the natural world. Prepare for a “green” picnic: While it might still be too cold to enjoy an outdoor picnic, you can prepare for one now. Reusable utensils, tote bags, and other gear such as solar-powered lanterns are simple but effective ways to keep your personal waste to a minimum and encourage thoughtful habits.

Earth Day: Invest in Our Planet signals az

  • Creative gift-giving: On special occasions consider purchasing items that can leave a lasting positive impact on the recipient and the world. Glass containers, reusable water bottles, or even a basket of sustainably sourced fruit can be a sweet treat for everyone.
  • Plant a native garden: You don’t need lots of space—a large pot or two will do! Native plants can help your local pollinator population and inspire the appreciation of friends and neighbors. For more on native plants that do well in pots, check out these three plants that grow well in arid Arizona, and for more ideas, visit
    • Desert Sand Verbena grows collections of delicate purple flowers that create a nice pop of color as the centerpiece of a balcony garden. These aromatic flowers also make great ground cover for those working with more space.
    • Desert Agave is a beautiful succulent that flourishes in pots as well as in the wild and can add an air of exoticism to your yard or deck. Easy to grow (the less water, the better) this gorgeous plant will be sure to attract the admiration of friends and passersby.
    • Echinacea (also known as coneflower) is a popular perennial that will grace your garden with bold purple flowers that are sure to add joy to your day. Conditions: Sun, part shade, infrequent watering.

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