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Election Workers Needed for 2020

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The Clark County Election Department needs YOU to work at the polls on Election Day and/or during early voting. Bilingual language skills in English and Spanish or Filipino/Tagalog are desirable but not required.

Clark County Election Department is looking for workers on both the November 3rd General Election Day, as well as October 17-30, 2020 for Early Voting. The pay varies per job.

Job requirements state workers must

  • be a registered voter in Clark County, NV,
  • cannot be a candidate or relative of a candidate
  • be able to perform all duties; for Election Day, endure long hours (about 14 hours); for Early Voting, flexibility for a variable schedule.
  • Attend a training class and pass a hands-on evaluation

To register your interest please visit, log-in to “Registered Voter Services” and select “Apply to be a Pollworker” from the dropdown menu. You can also print the application Here, call the election department 702-455-2815 or email

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