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Electric Vehicle Infrastructure Code Changed Approved by Tucson Mayor and Council

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Tucson’s Mayor and Council voted on Aug. 23 to make code changes to require electric vehicle (EV) charging in parking areas for new multifamily, office, and retail spaces.

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The transportation sector is responsible for one-third of heat-trapping emissions. To reach the City’s goal of achieving carbon neutrality by 2030, Tucson is zeroing in on cars, the buildings where we live and work, the distribution systems that provide us with water and electricity, and the roads, bridges, and transportation systems we use to get around.

In a Tweet, Mayor Regin Romero celebrated the decision, writing that Tucsonans have been heard and the city is taking action on the climate crisis.

Scheduled to go into effect Dec. 1, the changes require a percentage of parking spaces in new multifamily, office, and retail development to be EV ready. This could be EV-ready wiring (conduit), electric outlets, or charging stations (depending on the type and size of the development and its parking requirements). Providing EV-ready conduit at the time of construction can be up to four times less expensive than retrofitting later. The code changes are tied to the City’s climate emergency declaration.

View the Tucson Mayor and Council Meeting Agenda.

Watch the Tucson Mayor and City Council August 23rd Meeting.

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