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EnduroCross Prescott Valley Event Center Sold Out, Places Town on National Radar for Motorsports

After Big Turnout, EnduroCross Seems Likely to Return to Prescott Valley

Over 3,800 people went through the Prescott Valley Event Center doors on Saturday, August 25th, as the first EnduroCross event at the air conditioned indoor arena witnessed a sellout crowd.


EnduroCross at the Prescott Valley Event Center (Photos by Torrence Dunham / Signals)

“Another Feather In The Cap for The Venue”

“I’m certainly happy that the market supported it, it was just another feather in the cap for the venue,” Prescott Valley Event Center General Manager Scott Norton said. “The more support we can get, ticket sales from the community, bodes well for future events whether it’s motorsports or concerts.”

“Being a first-year event, we weren’t exactly sure how it was going to work out for us but we sold over 1,000 tickets on the day of the event,” Norton continued.

After being unable to return their previous location, Lance Bryson of Bonnier Motorcycle Group was looking for another location to host the EnduroCross event and found Prescott Valley through a friend. Bryson said he reached out to Norton and the two were able to come together on a deal.


“(Prescott Valley) has a very Powersports orientated market,” Bryson said in a phone interview. “The people up there get it, they’re outdoorsy. They motorcycle ride, they ATV ride…you have all these amenities up there an outdoor Powersports community could want.”

Community Responds with Ticket Sales and Excitement

Bryson was not only impressed with community support through ticket sales but also the crowd being engrossed in the action during the event.

“When you go into a market, you never know if you’re going to have a crowd that is just there to be entertained or if you’re going to have a crowd-like Prescott Valley-that is very Powersports orientated,” Bryson said, adding people knew the riders and how tough it is to race on the course. “You could feel the excitement in the crowd and the energy. Every time a rider would do something good or bad or fall or whatever, the crowd always responded.”


EnduroCross Likely to Return to Prescott Valley

“The crowd was completely engaged in the racing, which was awesome,” Bryson said.

It didn’t take long for Norton and Bryson to start talking about bringing EnduroCross back in the future. In fact, Norton said the two began talking during the event on Saturday night.

“In my mind, I’d be very surprised if we couldn’t make that an annual event here at the Prescott Valley Event Center,” Norton said.

Meanwhile, Bryson said, “100% sure we are coming back.”


After a sellout crowd came out for EnduroCross, it appears likely to return in the future. It is a goal for Norton to not only find popular events like EnduroCross but bring them back on an annual basis.
“Our goal is not to do one-off events,” Norton said. “While those are great, we want to make it something that is on an annual basis so we can bring consistent economic activity to the area.”

When asked what a future EnduroCross at the Prescott Valley Event Center would look like, Bryson said, “more gnarly stuff.”

“I would like to thank the community for embracing us and welcoming us with open arms,” Bryson said. “We had a great time up there. (Prescott Valley) is a beautiful community with great and friendly people.”

Photo Gallery by Torrence Dunham / Signals


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