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Feral Cattle Removal Along the Verde River Continues

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The removal of feral cattle along the Wild and Scenic portion of the Verde River continues. Contractors will be capturing and removing unauthorized and/or feral cattle from the Wild and Scenic portion of the Verde River on the Tonto, Coconino, and Prescott National Forests. This portion of the Verde River is managed to preserve its Wild and Scenic qualities and livestock are not authorized within this corridor.

Starting on November 15 through December 16, the Childs area will be temporarily closed for the removal of feral cattle. We ask the public to please obey the closure order.

The Verde River put-in locations including Beasley Flats will remain open at this time to provide the public boating opportunities. Boaters putting in at Beasley Flats will need to take out of the river at Gap Creek river access point at the end of FR574 near Browns Springs Ranch. There is approximately a ½ mile hike from the Verde River / Gap Creek confluence up to the Gap Creek Access Point.

The Childs Dispersed Camping Area is included in the closure area, which will extend from approximately half a mile above the Verde Hot Springs down to the confluence of the Verde River with Fossil Creek.

The work includes the gathering, care, handling/loading, and transportation of the cattle. The contractor will restrain sick or injured animals if treatment is necessary; transport livestock from temporary holding facility at capture site to a final destination within 24 hours of capture; Arizona Department of Agriculture (AZDA) Officers will inspect the captured cattle for brands and if brands are found then the AZDA will contact the owners. The capturing of livestock will be accomplished by helicopter, roping, leading, or tie-down when necessary. The work will be accomplished in a safe and humane manner and be in accordance with appropriate Arizona state laws and the following requirements.

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