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Flagstaff City Trash and Recycling Collection Alterations

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Due to heavy overnight snowfall and related accessibility issues, the City of Flagstaff’s Solid Waste section has canceled all trash and recycling collection services for Tuesday, Jan 17, 2023.

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Residential collection service updates:

  • Residential trash collection services are anticipated to resume Wednesday morning, Jan. 18 and
    will remain on a delayed schedule for the remainder of the week.
  • All residential recycling and bulky waste collection will be suspended for the remainder of the
    week to allow crews to catch up with residential trash collection.
  • Residential recycling and bulky waste collection services will resume next week.
  • Residents are asked to wait to place their carts out for service until 6 a.m. Wednesday morning
    to allow for more efficient snow-clearing operations overnight.
  • Please place residential carts in front of snow berms on plowed streets or at the end of cleared
    driveways at the curb to facilitate access. Carts placed on or behind snow berms will not be serviced due to accessibility issues.

Commercial collection service updates:

  • Commercial trash and recycling collection services are anticipated to resume Wednesday
    morning, Jan. 18.
  • Businesses with metal bins are asked to clear the front of their containers and enclosure gates
    to ensure serviceability. City trucks require 14 feet of clearance width to access metal bins.

Any areas that were not serviced prior to the temporary suspensions will be serviced as soon as they are accessible. To report missed containers, please email or call 928- 213-2110.

The Cinder Lake Landfill and Hazardous Products Center remains open during normal hours of operations.

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