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Flagstaff Priority Based Budgeting Data Set Available for Public Review

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The city of Flagstaff recently implemented Priority Based Budgeting (PBB), a tool that allows the city to approach budgeting in a new way. This method takes the traditional line-item budget information and converts it to showcase expenditures, revenues, and other key sets of data at the program level, such as fire suppression, snowplow operations, and police dispatch.

To learn more about this budgeting approach visit:

The city has also launched an interactive tool that highlights these program’s budget allocations and shows how they align with the Key Community Priorities recently approved by the City Council. This tool is an excellent way for the public to review city programs and visualize how budget dollars are allocated in accordance with these priorities. This tool can be accessed at

For questions about Priority Based Budgeting or the PBB Tool, email the PBB Admin Team at

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