Freedom Through Health, More Classes Offered at FreedomCore Pilates

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Pilates is a form of exercise that helps create mobility and flexibility through a series of small movements and core exercises designed to help improve muscle strength.

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Pilates is a low-intensity workout that focuses on your core muscles working to restore balance to the body through movement. This type of workout is focused on addressing underlying imbalances in the body that over time creates stiffness and pain that we are all too familiar with. By lengthening and strengthening, creating movement in the spine, as well as focusing on the small stabilizer muscles, Pilates offers a considerable list of benefits including posture correction, improved flexibility and balance, and better coordination.

Pilates classes at FreedomCore aren’t what you’d typically find at the gym but rather uses small, focused movements to improve your overall health. For the individual who has physical limitations, the use of the Reformer Machines makes it possible to still improve your health and overcome those challenges.

FreedomCore Pilates owner, Jess Costa, is excited to announce that more classes have been added to the September calendar and are available for all levels of experience from the beginner to the advanced.

Class offerings:

Reformer Flow Classes

The classes offered in Reformer Flow go from Beginner level to Advanced level where you will learn the fundamentals of movements at beginning levels to learning balance, coordination, and control all on the Reformer Machines.

New to Pilates and want to learn more? FreedomCore Pilates offers a free Introduction to Reformer class. This 30-minute class introduces you to the Reformer and gives you an opportunity to see all the fun things that happen on this amazing machine.

Fusion Classes

Reformer Cardio combines the reformer and cardio in a very low impact, fun way! It will get your heart rate up all while laying down. This is a great option for anyone with injuries that prevent doing traditional cardio.

Reformer HIT is a class that incorporates Pilates and high-intensity interval training for those that like a faster-paced class. If you are a cross-fit style workout fan, this is the perfect class for you!

Reformer Stretch combines Pilates and Yoga to create a slow-paced class that focused on stretching the muscles and relaxing the mind.

With more days and times offered for the various classes, there are many more options for you to sign up for classes! To learn more about FreedomCore Pilates and the classes offered, visit or call 928-821-5927.


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