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The 2021 Primary Election, scheduled for August 3, has candidates running for Prescott City Council and Prescott Mayor. Prescott City Council has six candidates running to fill three seats with four-year terms. The Prescott Mayor term will be for two years.

All candidates were interviewed by Talking Glass Media with the same allotted amount of time and were asked the same two questions:

  1. Please introduce yourself.

  2. Is growth good or bad for Prescott?

We listed Mayoral and Council Candidates by first name, alphabetical order, below:

Mayoral Candidates

Greg Mengarelli*

Greg Mengarelli introduces himself: “I’m Prescott Mayor Greg Mengarelli and I’m running for reelection. My wife Sheila and I moved here twenty-six years ago today because what we found in the community was a spirit of self-reliance, independence, pragmatism, and a respect for the land. I believe I am the best-qualified person to be your mayor because I’m invested in and understand our community. I’ve lived the majority of my adult life in Prescott. I’m still raising a family here and I know what it means to have kids in the public school system. I know what it takes to run a business and meet payroll in Prescott, and I have a deep sense of appreciation for our Western Heritage and Traditions. Four generations of Mengarellis now live in Prescott. So what happens now and in the future affects my family. Saving the Dells, expanding the airport, paying the police and fire debt, and beautifying downtown have all happened under my watch as your mayor because I’m someone who loves the city, not just a politician with an agenda.”

Phil Goode

Phil Goode introduces himself: “I’m Phil Goode and I’m running to be the next mayor of Prescott. I’m completing my fourth year as a Prescott City Councilman. Prior to that, I served two years on Prescott’s Planning and Zoning Commission. As an active member of the Citizen’s Water Advocacy Group, I’ve served over four years on their public policy committee studying responsible water resource management. My 30-year career in health care management convinced me that evidence-based decision-making is essential to effective management. I apply that principle to public policy and long-range planning for our city. My current position as secretary-treasurer of the Central Yavapai Metropolitan Planning Organization and my prior position as a director for the Central Yavapai Hospital District give me a unique ability to see the big picture as we lead, plan and manage the future of Prescott and our neighboring communities.


Prescott City Council Candidates

Brandon Montoya

Brandon Montoya introduces himself: “Hi, my name is Brandon Montoya, and I’m excited to be running for city council. I love the community of Prescott. I’ve lived here since I was 11. I went to Prescott Mile High Middle School. I graduated from Prescott High School in 2003. I’ve been working in this community since I was a teenager. In 2016 I started a small business here called Montoya Wealth Management, which I own and operate with my wife, Erica. Today, our successful business manages more than $20 million in assets for 120 households. I think there are many critical issues facing the community in this coming election. On the top of that list is managing our continued growth and our limited water resources. I also think Prescott needs leadership that listens to the whole community. As a city council member, I will focus on returning accountability to our local government. For me, that starts with restoring a call to the public for city council meetings. To find out more about me and my platform, visit”

Eric Moore

Eric Moore introduces himself: “My name is Eric Moore and I am a candidate for Prescot City Council, I moved to Arizona in 1965 and I’ve lived in Prescott for the last 30 years. I have a degree in business management. My work experience includes over 20 years in the grocery industry. I also worked as the community services manager for the Town of Chino Valley with direct oversight for Parks, Recreation, Library, and Senior Center. For the last 18 years, my wife and I have been small business owners in Prescott. We operate three thriving and successful businesses, Jay’s Birdbarn, Hallmark, and Arizona Field Optics on Willow Creek Road. My wife and I have been married for 37 years. We have six children and five grandchildren. My hobbies and interest include time spent in nature, including hiking, biking, and especially birdwatching. I enjoy serving as a volunteer in the community and working with nonprofits. I am not a career politician. This is my first attempt seeking public office.”

Grant Quezada

Grant Quezada introduces himself: “My name is Grant Quezada, I’m running for Prescott City Council. I’m from Prescott and grew up here. My wife and I, we’ve known each other since second grade. We have three kids. In 2006, I went and spent eight years in the United States Army and Special Operations. I got out in 2014 and moved back to Prescott. I did stay in the Arizona National Guard and am still actively serving there. I own six businesses in town with a business partner of mine over at Founding Fathers Collective. My main focus and interest on why to get into politics really stem from being able to pay it forward and help provide a healthy, unifying community for a place for my kids and my friend’s kids to grow up, but also a community that really is inclusive and invites a lot of people who are moving here to the area without losing our morals and ethics. And what people really know of Prescott when it comes to Everybody’s Hometown feel once again.”

Jessica Hall

Jessica Hall introduces herself: “Hello, I’m Jessica Hall, and I want to serve on the Prescott City Council. I love Prescott and I am so proud to call it home for me and my family. I am a native Arizonan and grew up here in the Prescott area. My husband Jeff and I were married almost 13 years ago in the gazebo on the Prescott Courthouse Square. Jeff and I are happily raising our two boys here in Prescott. We are motivated not only for ourselves but also for future generations to make sure to keep Prescott the same place we all know and love. I want to serve you by being a voice for strong economic development, a strategic plan for water use, and a council member with an open door policy. I believe with strong business experience and being a professional certified accountant with a Bachelor’s in Accounting and a Master’s in Business Administration, that I could be a strong asset for our city council. On a more personal side, I hope to represent our young families, working adults and be a voice of moms of our community if given the opportunity to be on city council. You can find out more about me at Thank you.”

Jim Lamerson

Jim Lamerson introduces himself: “Hello there, my name is Jim Lamerson, and I’ve lived in the city of Prescott for 42 years. I’ve been married to my wife Anne for forty-nine years. I have opened my mom-and-pop jewelry store in downtown Prescott for twenty-nine years. I love Prescott and I’d like to keep Prescott the way it is. Now, we all know that we will have growth. We all know that we will have management issues. And one of my challenges is to try and help manage our growth and manage our water and manage the different issues that face Prescott from day-to-day with keeping our character in our ambiance in check. I love Prescott the way it is, but I do know that we will inevitably have growth and we will have changes, and our job as city council people are to embrace those things in a manner that keeps us who we are in Prescott. And we take care of our economic development, etc. Thank you very much and I would appreciate your vote.”

Steve Blair*

Steve Blair introduces himself: “Hi, everyone, I’m Steve Blair, Prescott native, born and raised in Prescott. City Councilman for 20 years. I’m running for reelection because I love the community. Born and raised here, raised two kids. One of them is now 40 years old and one of them is thirty-seven. Both of them live in this community as well. I have been proud to be part of the community. Four years on Prescott Planning and Zoning Commission and then also on the Parks and Recreation Board. I have an education from Yavapai College. I graduated from Prescott High School and then graduated from Yavapai College and then graduated from Arizona State University in 1979 with a degree in Park Management Landscape Architecture. So I’m kind of an outdoors guy and have always been. I have worked hard for the last twenty years to preserve every piece of open space it has available to the City of Prescott. And we have done that with great, great pride in our community.”


All candidates have submitted paperwork and qualified to run for the spots on the Prescott City Council or for Prescott Mayor. The required paperwork includes:

  • A Statement of Interest.
  • Nomination Petition with the required amount of signatures.
  • If the candidate has formed a candidate committee and has raised or spent over $500 they must submit a Statement of Organization.
  • 2021 1st Quarter Report *Note Grant Quezada formed committed after 1st quarter deadline but will be required to submit 2nd quarter report.

Visit: to learn more about the 2021 Prescott City Council and Mayor elections.

The city’s primary election is August 3, and the general election is set for November 2, 2021.

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