Get to Know the Prescott Valley Town Council Candidates

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The 2020 primary election, scheduled for August 4th, has candidates running to fill four of the six seats on the Prescott Valley Town Council. Below are the candidate profiles.

Councilmembers Marty Grossman and Lori Hunt are seeking re-election, but Vice Mayor Lora Lee Nye and Councilman Richard Anderson will not be running and allowing their terms to expire in December 2020.

The summer primary now includes 10 residents who have submitted paperwork and qualified to run for the spots on the Prescott Valley Town Council. In order to qualify as a candidate individuals must:

  • Obtain a petition of signatures: Minimum 337 and maximum 674.
  • Write-in candidates for the Primary Election must file paperwork by June 26, 2020. Petition Signatures are not required for a write-in candidate.
  • A candidate for local office must be a qualified elector at the time of filing their nomination paper.
  • Any such candidate, in addition to the other requirements, must be 18 years of age or over in general law cities and towns.
  • Candidates for local office must also have resided in the town for 1 year preceding the election. This 1-year residency requirement also permits persons living in the area that is annexed toa. city or town less than 1 year prior to the election to qualify as a candidate if they meet all other requirements for candidates.
  • Concerning the question of candidate qualifications, it should be noted that a person convicted of a felony cannot serve as a councilmember until he/she has been restored their civil rights.

The election does not include Mayor Kell Palguta or councilmembers Don Packard and Kendall Schumacher as their terms are four-year and will not end until August 2020.

A Public Webinar featuring all Prescott Valley Town Council Candidates was held June 24th.
View the full webinar

Meet The Candidates

Brenda Dickinson:

Brenda Dickinson

  • Resident PV 25+ years
  • Worked in ATC Prescott Love Field 11 years
  • Works for PV Lockheed Martin 2 1/2 years
  • 31+ years government service
  • Former PV Parks & Recreation employee
  • Volunteer Yavapai County Big Brothers and Big Sisters Board-at-Large & Big Sister
  • PV Chamber of Commerce member
  • 2019 Volunteer N. AZ Healing Field & Patriot Week
  • PV Citizens Academy Graduate
  • Yavapai County Board of Supervisors Citizen Academy Graduate
  • PV Police Citizens Academy Graduate
  • 2016 Yavapai County Cahir Trump for President Campaign
  • Member Citizens Tax Committee
  • Prescott Community Church Member & Worship Leader
  • NRA Member
Statement: There is prosperity and growth on the horizon for Prescott Valley and I hope to be a part of it. With all that we have seen in the last few years, as the saying goes, “I have a feeling that we ain’t seen nothing yet!”

My goal would be to work in unity with the existing Town Council members to see PV flourish in peace and prosperity for the young and old, and that our community continues to see the visions of our forefathers come to fruition with carefully designed developments and shopping centers, prudence in the use of our water and resources, and continued improvements of its infrastructure, schools, neighborhoods, drainage, and sewage and quality of life for everyone. There is always a sense of feeling uncomfortable as we see things being torn down before we start feeling a sense of completeness and wholeness again. But, it does come. Change is hard, but it is inevitable. We need to find a pathway to accepting the changes and growth for everyone.

I love living here and hope to have a positive influence in the future of Prescott Valley.

David Dohm

David Dohm

  • Licensed professional counselor
  • Works as a clinical supervisor at Mingus Mountain Academy in Prescott Valley

Statement: I am a Licensed Professional Counselor and work at Mingus Mountain Academy as a clinical supervisor. I moved to Prescott Valley almost 2 years ago from Florida because I love the hiking and being able to see the environment that I love every day. In Florida, we loved the beaches and water, but we can only see them when we go there.

My wife and I had visited in 2008, and of all the places we had visited it was the only place that we had said, “We want to live here.” We went home and put our house up for sale, only to have the recession begin 2 weeks later. Then our kids went into high school, I went back to school for my doctorate, my wife retired from the VA, and the housing market took a while to build back up. Finally, after years of despairing that we wouldn’t be able to move here, and 5 visits to remind ourselves why we wanted to live here, we decided to take a leap, and sold our home of 17 years and we were finally able to move here.

We had seen the growth during those 10 years, but I was dismayed to see how much more growth was planned. I decided to run for town council because I’m afraid that all of the reasons that we all love living here are being paved over, and that if we don’t properly manage the growth and development that is to come, we will lose the environment and green spaces that we all love about living here.

I am also seriously concerned about the plans for water use and our ability to meet the safe yield requirements and the plan for the Chino pipeline and its effects on the Verde River and the Big Chino aquifer. I would like to see more incentives for water conservation and more prudent use.

Martin Grossman (incumbent)

Martin Grossman

  • Active in the Prescott Valley Police Foundation
  • Active in the Humboldt Education Foundation
  • Active in Arizona Town Hall
  • Active in American Legion Post 108
  • Active in National Active and Retired Federal Employees (NARFE)
  • Active in Yavapai Family Advocacy Center fundraiser, Hope Still Floats
  • Active in Prescott Valley Chamber of Commerce ribbon cuttings
  • Active in Team Up to Clean Up
  • Active in Prescott Valley Days

Statement: I am Marty Grossman, as YOUR current Town Councilman, I am running for Re- Election so I may continue being your councilman. I began my service to our community in June of 2013 and have represented the people of Prescott Valley in the best way possible, by being a responsible citizen who just happens to serve on the Town Council. Every decision that I make has been to serve the majority of people in a fair and responsible manner…

One of the more enjoyable parts of serving our community is getting to interact with the residents, being able to answer their questions or assist them with a situation is what I like to do best. Whenever I am contacted by someone via email, text, or phone, I always respond as soon as possible. I always continue to be involved in the community.

I consider myself a servant leader and will continue to be one for as long as I live. I am asking for your vote for Town Council and thank you for allowing me to continue serving our community.

April Hepperle

April Hepperle

  • Prescott Valley resident for 26 years
  • Speaking one-on-one with fellow residents about their cares and concerns for Prescott Valley’s present and future.
  • Work toward responsible growth that benefits everyone in the community by engaging in honest discussions and providing facts in a clear and concise way.
  • Stress the importance of family-friendly events and activities in Prescott Valley.
  • Provide a safe, active, and healthy environment for the young people in town.
  • Work toward safer streets, including well-lit sidewalks, to increase recreational activities to a wider variety of coaches and specialty teachers.
  • Preserving “small-town values.”

Statement: As a 26-year member of this community, I am excited to be running for your Prescott Valley Town Council. I have watched this town grow since I was 10 years old, and I look forward to speaking one-on-one with fellow residents about their cares and concerns for Prescott Valley’s present condition and future possibilities. Prescott Valley is one of the greatest towns in what is -by far- the greatest state in America…and the secret is out. But by engaging in honest discussions and providing facts in a clear and concise manner, I believe we can work toward responsible growth that benefits every single person in our community.

With two teenagers at home, I am an active member of the community and understand the importance of family-friendly events and activities. The African proverb, “It takes a village to raise a child,” is still relevant today, and it is up to us to provide a safe, active and healthy environment for the young people of our town. Everything from safer streets (i.e. well-lit sidewalks) to increased recreational activities to a wider variety of coaches and specialty teachers can bring improvement to an already wonderful place to raise our children.

While I look forward to bringing a fresh vision to the town council, and new vigor to town happenings, I still hold firmly to the small-town values I was raised with, and look forward to spreading that hope and positivity in whatever way I can as a member of the Prescott Valley Town Council.

Lori Hunt (incumbent)

Lori Hunt

  • Retired from public service after working 32 years as a city manager/community development director, including 23 years in economic development
  • Initially appointed to serve on the Prescott Valley Town Council
  • Versed in government budgeting
  • Served on Prescott Valley Parks and Recreation Commission
  • Member of the Humboldt Unified Education Foundation
  • Member of the Heights Church

Statement: I retired from public service after 32 years of serving in the capacity of a City Manager and Community Development Director, with 23 years in Economic Development. Because of that background, I was appointed to serve as a Prescott Valley Town Councilmember.

With an understanding of government budgeting and a belief in transparent government, fiscal responsibility, community involvement, and a love of Prescott Valley, I am seeking a full term as your Council representative.

My community involvement includes serving as a: PV Parks and Recreation Commission before the Council appointment, a current member of the Humboldt Unified Education Foundation, a member of the Prescott Valley Chamber of Commerce, and my husband, Dene Hunt, and I are members of Heights Church.

Issues that I support: voted for funding to start plans for the future YMCA; improved walkability including sidewalk improvements; addressing on-going police department needs to keep our officers protected and Prescott Valley one of the safest towns in AZ; informing residents about the importance of shopping local, “Safe Yield by 2025” and mandating that future projects comply with state law and prove that water is coming from sources other than OUR groundwater; increased communication with residents, and continue advocating for funding for road improvements. I DO NOT support instituting a property tax!

You can count on me to: Be a good listener and make myself available to residents, neighborhoods, and businesses; work closely with HUSD to help prepare students for higher education and entering the workforce; promote economic development, specifically business attraction, to address the needs of residents and create jobs; and advocate for our families to make Prescott Valley an excellent place to live, work and play.

Elizabeth Kennedy

Elizabeth Kennedy

  • Co-chair, Prescott Valley Balloon Fest (2020).
  • Board of Directors, Town of Prescott Valley Municipal Property Corporation (2019-21).
  • Graduate, Prescott Valley Chamber of Commerce Business Academy (2019).
  • Neighborhood Coordinator, Yavapai County Neighborhood Green Bag Program (2019-present).
  • Participant, Prescott Valley Chamber of Commerce’s Team Up to Clean Up Prescott Valley and Teacher Bags (2018, 2019).
  • Graduate, Town of Prescott Valley Citizens Academy (2018).
  • Business license, owner of The Total Package, a handyman business (2016-present).
  • Prescott Area Association of Realtors: Chair, Government Issues Committee (2020); Chair, Community Service and Outreach Committee (2019); First Vice President (2018); Board of Directors (2017); Member, Community Service Committee (2016).
  • Arizona Association of Realtors: Member, Legislative Political Action Committee (2020); Real Estate Broker’s License (2018-present); member, Master Real Estate Society (2017, 2018); Real Estate Salesperson License (2016-18).
  • National Association of Realtors: Member, Consumer Communications Council (2020); Member, Broker Idea Exchange Council (2019).
  • Member, Quad Cities Interfaith Council (2017-present).
  • Member, Yavapai Outreach Council (2019).
  • St. Luke’s Episcopal Church: Chair, Communications Commission (2019-21); Chair, The Food Pantry at St. Luke’s (2018-19); Vestry Member (2017-19); Media Relations (2017-present); Member, Outreach Commission (2016).

Statement: As a resident of Prescott Valley for over 4 years, I am dedicated to volunteerism in my business and community. I will strive to give my experience, knowledge, and skills to the citizens of Prescott Valley to serve them on the Prescott Valley Town Council. I will support the town’s vision, the direction of the Economic Development, and most of all listen to the needs of the Prescott Valley community.

Roger Kinsinger

Roger Kinsinger

  • Served in the Army for three years as a military policeman; stationed in Vietnam for one year.
  • Served for three years on the Board of Review in Marshalltown, Iowa.
  • Retired from Prudential Financial Services after 39 years of service as an agent and sales manager.

Statement: I am running for the Town Council open seat to help serve this community that my wife and I have come to love over the last three years. Like many of you, my wife, Judy and I moved to Prescott Valley three years ago after spending all of our lives in Iowa. We have been excited to see many of the changes in Prescott Valley but some changes have begun to happen which have not allowed for the level of citizen input we all want. We need to be listening to the citizens as to their concerns and work with all parties to make the best decisions possible for the entire community. If Prescott Valley is not growing, then it is dying. We just need to make the right changes that will benefit the citizens of Prescott Valley and the city. These changes range from traffic to water land usage, and the ability to have adequate routes to leave due to emergencies that may come up. As Prescott Valley continues to grow these issues will become more and more important.

I served my country for 3 years in the US Army as a military policeman. I was stationed in Vietnam for one year. I also served 3 years on the Board of Review in Marshalltown, Iowa. I am retired from Prudential Financial Services after 39 years of service where I was an agent and sales manager. Judy and I have met many new friends here and enjoy the weather and the beauty of Arizona. I want to serve my community to be the best place to live for those of us here, and those who will follow and share our dreams, hopefully including our five children and eight grandchildren.

Jeri Ann Kooiman

Jeri Ann Kooiman

  • Has worked in the real-estate business for 32 years.
  • Served on the Prescott Valley Chamber of Commerce for 13 years.
  • Served on the Better Business Bureau for six years.
  • Served on the Boys and Girls Club of Central Arizona for six years.
  • Served on the Prescott Valley Economic Development Foundation.
  • Creator and founder of Hands Off Our Children, a program addressing “stranger danger” and teaching children to be aware of their surroundings.
  • Yavapai County native.

Statement: My name is Jeri Ann Kooiman. I am a native of Yavapai County. I have been in the Real Estate business in Prescott Valley for 32 years. My husband and I have raised 4 children in this community we call home. I have proudly served on the Prescott Valley Chamber of Commerce for 13 years, the Better Business Bureau for 6 years, the Boys and Girls Club of Central Arizona for 6 years, and the Prescott Valley Economic Development Foundation. I am the creator and founder of HANDS OFF OUR CHILDREN, a program addressing stranger danger and teaching our children to be aware of their surroundings.

My goal is to be a wise and knowledgeable steward of the taxpayer’s money while fostering economic development and job growth. The council is committed to protecting and improving Prescott Valley’s quality of life. Staying dedicated to understanding all values and perspectives of our entire community. We must have a balanced budget together with quality infrastructure. Ensure that growth preserves capital investments and the Town’s operations enhance our unique environment. Very important to me, preserve and share our history!

*Increase the availability of affordable housing for full-time residents living and working in Prescott Valley.

*Work with community partners to continue to revitalize Downtown and the Prescott Valley corridor as well as key mixed-use corridor neighborhoods.

*Continue to develop a long-term strategy involving partners to support a diverse economic and employment base.

*Strengthen local economic opportunities to assure vibrancy.

*Continue to support a viable workforce and our commitment to workforce housing by exploring opportunities that best balance the character of our Town.

My promise to you is to work hard, hear your voice, and continue to be a part of marching our community forward. “Shining Star of Northern Arizona” Prescott Valley where we call home!

Bard Schatzman

Bard Schatzman

  • Licensed psychologist, counselor, and college professor.
  • Lifetime member of the American Psychological Association.
  • Organized first informational meeting and tour of evacuation equipment at the Long Mesa Operations Facility in Prescott Valley.
  • Regularly attends Prescott Valley Planning & Zoning and Town Council meetings; has read up on General Plan 2025.
  • Volunteer for the Festival of Lights.
  • Participant in fundraising through the Yavapai College Fun Run.
  • Completing Prescott Valley Citizens Academy in 2020.

Statement: I am Bard Schatzman, Ph.D., Licensed Psychologist, Licensed Counselor & College Professor. Completed a year internship at St. Louis Veterans Administration Medical Center.

Linda and I moved to Prescott Valley, May 11, 2018, the day of the Viewpoint fire. We stood on our street with our neighbors, keys in my right hand, waiting to be evacuated or enter our home. Fortunately, the wind shifted, the fire moved, and we entered our home. This memorable experience triggered my passion to become involved with Prescott Valley and serving other communities. I organized the first informational meeting and tour of evacuation equipment at Long Mesa Operations Facility in Prescott Valley. This well-attended event required the welcome support of Mayor Kell Palguta, Larry Tarkowski, and Norm Davis, Public Works Director.

I regularly attend Planning and Zoning and Town Council meetings and read the General Plan 2025. I am concerned about well-planned growth and development, attainable housing, infrastructure maintenance, evacuation safety, sustainable water supply, and economic development.

I was a volunteer for the Festival of Lights and participated in fundraising through Yavapai College Fun Run. I will be completing Prescott Valley Citizen’s Academy in Spring 2020.

“I am running for Town Council to protect the quality of life for residents of this wonderful place we call home.” I pledge to listen and learn from residents and be informed by community involvement to maintain responsible Prescott Valley government.

I am a Life-Time member of the American Psychological Association.

Mary Williams

Mary Williams

  • Finalist for vacant Prescott Valley Town Council seat last fall when former Councilmember Mary Mallory became a Yavapai County Supervisor.
  • Slated to attend the upcoming Citizens Academy.
  • Owns an accounting firm and real estate company with her husband, David.

Statement: Mary Williams answered the call to serve her Town last fall becoming one of the finalists for the vacant council seat left by Supervisor Mary Mallory. She is slated to attend the upcoming Citizen’s Academy. Mary and her husband David own an accounting firm and a real estate company. They have two married sons and four grandchildren. Their eldest son and his family also live here in Prescott Valley.

“Town Council is a non-partisan position about wise leadership that is willing to listen, to learn, and to make informed, educated decisions reflecting the best interests of our Town and its’ citizens. I’m a fiscal conservative who pays pay attention to details as well as thinking outside the box to look for solutions.

I am organized and efficient and strive to epitomize excellence in all I do. I’m asking for your vote so I may serve my Town, not running with an agenda.

Six months ago, as a finalist for the vacant council seat, we were each asked our ideas about the Big Chino Water Ranch. At that time, I said Prescott Valley needed to open negotiations with Prescott as we were not driving the car. I still believe Prescott Valley needs to open negotiations to get the pipeline started for the benefit of all the Quad Cities communities. I believe we need to prioritize all our first responders. Never has this been more evident than in this time of national crisis.

I believe we need to prioritize our infrastructure.
I believe in respect for our American Flag and for private property rights.
I believe we need to respect one another which involves far less social media hyperbole and more actual listening and learning from one another.
Three hundred allocated words is not enough!”


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