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Gilbert Continues Work on Water Main, Potential Water Discoloration Impacts for Residents in the Area

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The Town of Gilbert is currently working on project WA1546 – Zone 1 Transmission Main Assessment, which will complete immediate repairs and a condition assessment of the water transmission main located along the Western Powerline Trail from Cooper Road to the North Water Treatment Plant west of Higley Road. This transmission main is critical to the water needs of Gilbert residents and businesses.

Gilbert Continues Work on Water Main, Potential Water Discoloration Impacts for Residents in the Area signals az

Scheduled Work

In order to complete the repairs and assessment, the pipeline must be taken out of service in two phases:

  • Phase 1: From Cooper Road to just west of Lindsay Road was taken out of service in September and work on this segment is nearing completion. This segment of the transmission main is expected to be put back into service on Dec. 15.
  • Phase 2: From just west of Lindsay Road to the North Water Treatment Plant is scheduled to be taken out of service the week of Jan. 10, 2022 to begin conducting repairs and pipeline assessment, with the pipeline put back into service in April 2022.

While work is being completed, alternate pipelines in the system are utilized to deliver water to customers. When the pipeline segments are taken out of service or put back into service, this has the effect of changing flows in the pipeline, moving the water in different directions through the system. When this happens, sometimes sediment can stir up and cause discoloration in your tap water. The water is still disinfected and safe to drink.

Potential Water Impacts to Residents and Businesses

Gilbert residents and businesses in the area west of Greenfield Road and north of Warner Road may experience water changes during these times, see map below. To minimize the impacts, Gilbert’s water team conducts proactive flushing activities, but some sediment may still be evident. It can take several hours for the water mains to settle down after a disturbance. During this time, the water is safe for use.

If you experience significant water discoloration or cloudiness, Gilbert’s water team recommends checking the water at your front hose spigot where the water enters your house for 10-15 minutes to see if the water has cleared before running any more water inside of your home.

After a couple of hours, if your water is still not clear, please contact us by calling (480) 503-6400. You can also submit a request via Gilbert 311 using the “Water – Water Quality (Brown Water)” category and our water team will follow up with you.

To learn more about this project, visit or contact the project hotline at (480) 898-4090.

Thank you for your patience as these repairs are made.

Gilbert Continues Work on Water Main, Potential Water Discoloration Impacts for Residents in the Area signals az

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