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Introducing: El Gato Community Gives

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Social isolation and lack of healthy meals is a very real situation placed on the daily lives of many in the Prescott community. The goal of “Gato Community Gives” is to provide healthy, freshly prepared meals to individuals who may be socially isolated, economically challenged, or not have the ability to prepare meals in their homes due to physical limitations. Gato Community Gives will provide no-cost meals to individuals and non-profit organizations that request them.

There is no financial obligation or requirement to participate. Meals will be prepared to serve individuals or a family of four. Each meal will include a Salad or Soup, Entrée, Appropriate sides, etc. Additionally, Gato Community Gives hopes to create Weekend Packages that will include a quart of milk, fresh vegetables and fruit, as well as prepared heat and serve meals.

Currently, meals will be provided Monday, Wednesday, and Friday with the addition of Weekend meal packages. Beginning Friday, March 20, 2020.

Your help is needed!

El Gato Azul is providing $1,000.00 to start the program and labor at no cost. Your donation will be spent on the purchasing of food and packaging supplies only. This is not a 501C3 and your donation would not be tax-deductible.

There are many ways you can participate – You may make a financial donation through the following methods:

  1. By check: The check is to be written to El Gato Azul, and in the Memo note: Gato Community Gives.
  2. By cash: You may drop your cash donation off at El Gato Azul, 316 W. Goodwin and you will receive a receipt of your donation.
  3. By Credit Card: Call El Gato Azul at 928-445-1070 and make a donation by phone, and a receipt will be mailed to you. You can also stop by to make credit card donation in person.
  4. Purchase of a Gift Card through their website Purchase a gift certificate and note the money is to go to “Gato Community Gives.” There is a gift card option on the site that goes directly to the program.
  5. El Gato Azul is also preparing to accept donations of non-perishable food products.
  6. El Gato Azul anticipates the potential need for volunteers to assist with prep and possible delivery.

El Gato Azul will retain no funds. Funds are utilized for the cost of food, and all food will be purchased at cost through current vendors. Any funds leftover at the end of the program will be distributed to local non-profits through their in-house employee matching fund, Gato Gives. For additional information or questions about how you can help, to request a meal or to provide information on someone you may feel is in need, email

Please be considerate and understand that the number of meals will be limited and in such cases, as we cannot meet all needs, alternative sources of assistance will be provided.

“Thanks in advance for your assistance in reaching into our community and giving assistance,” said Barry, owner of El Gato Azul. “That can make a difference.”

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3 responses to “Introducing: El Gato Community Gives”

  1. Jan Noble says:

    What a great idea to reach others in need at this time. Kudos to you Barry in your efforts to the community and your generosity!
    Jan Noble

  2. Karen A Wiggins says:

    If I can help in some way please text me.

  3. Susan King says:

    I used my gift card for green bag project for Yavapai food and open door when I took some, donations.
    Susan AAUW Prescott

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