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Is Having A Dried Christmas Tree in Your Home Dangerous?

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The holidays are over and having a real Christmas tree in your home could now pose a danger to you and your family. The Goodyear Fire Department demonstrated how a dry tree can be engulfed in flames, as they ignited one such tree that had its branches and needles completely burnt off in less than eighty seconds.

According to the National Fire Protection Association, 160 house fires are caused by Christmas trees every year with one third of those fires taking place in January. Goodyear Fire Captain and Paramedic Manny Cordova says the longer you hold on to that tree, the greater the fire risk.

“The longer a tree has been out and had time to dry out, then that potential for a fire hazard is increased,” said Cordova. “There has to be an ignition source and so a lot of times that can be an electrical product like a space heater or candles. That ignition source with a combination of a dry tree is the danger.”

Residents are encouraged to dispose of their Christmas tree by dropping them off for free now through Jan. 10 at A to Z Equipment Rental (open 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. at 803 E. Van Buren Street in Avondale), or by placing the tree curbside on their bulk pickup day. To find your bulk pickup day, enter your address at

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