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June 6th Prescott Update with Mayor Phil Goode

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Prescott Mayor Phil Goode discussed several topics in his updates on Facebook providing important information for the residents of Prescott, Arizona.

Here is the update for June 6, 2022:

  • Prescott Watering Restrictions
  • Prescott Water Policy & Budget
  • National Flood Insurance Program
  • Campaign Signage
  • Stage 2 Fire Restrictions

Hello, I’m Mayor Phil Goode with your weekly update. It’s hard to believe that it’s already June! I have a great deal to share with you today.

Prescott Watering Restrictions

As the summer temperatures start to warm up, you may find yourself watering your yard more frequently. Staff wants to remind you that the City has a regulation that requires you to water after 8 PM in the evenings and before 8 AM in the mornings. This helps prevent water from disappearing due to evaporation, and it just may help to keep your water bill lower.

View the City Water Restrictions

Prescott Water Policy & Budget

Speaking of water, the City Council has adopted a new Water Management Policy. This document was several months in the making and encompassed a number of public meetings, and hundreds of public comments. This new policy can be found on the City’s website at, click on 2022 Water Policy. The website page includes the policy, the current status of the Water Budget, and code updates.

Now that a new Water policy has been approved by City Council, the work is continuing, to assure that the policy is implemented appropriately. For that reason, I am establishing a Water Policy Review and Monitoring Commission, as an ad-hoc Mayor’s commission.

The purpose of the Water Policy Review and Monitoring Commission shall be to track the effectiveness of the newly adopted 2022 Water Management Policy.

The seven-member Commission will be chaired by former City Councilman Jim Lamerson. Bob Rucker will serve as the vice-chair. The commission will meet on the third Tuesday of each month. All meetings will be publicly posted. As an official commission of the City, they will be subject to the Open Meeting laws and will be public meetings, publicly posted and open to the public for attendance.

View Prescott’s Water Policy and Budget

National Flood Insurance Program

The City of Prescott participates in the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIB) to provide flood insurance that is nearly always far less expensive than private flood insurance. This program has a voluntary incentive component that allows communities to take additional actions to reduce their flood risk, which in turn can allow property owners to earn discounts on their policies.

City staff was notified by the Insurance Services Office that the December 2021 verification audit has resulted in the community improving from a Community Rating System Class 8 to a Community Rating System Class 7.
Nearly 500 property owners in the City of Prescott purchase flood insurance, and they will now receive a 15% discount off their premiums!

You can get more information at the Public Works office.

Read more about the Flood Rating.

Campaign Signage

By the way, as political campaigns start to get more active, we’re all likely to see more signs for candidates and issues throughout the City.
Residents and business owners always have the option of placing political signs on their private property.

The City has created two sign-free zones for City-owned areas that are well known for visitors and tourists that protect the scenic and aesthetic appeal of Prescott.

Creation of these sign free zones allows the City to remove political signs that are placed in city right-of-way within those areas. In the event that political and other temporary signs are found in city right-of-way within these zones, the Neighborhood Services Division will remove the signs and contact the owners to reclaim them.

Outside of the sign free zones, political signs are allowed in the right-of-way. However, even where allowed, the signs cannot impede line-of-sight for traffic or pose a danger to pedestrians using public sidewalks or right-of-way.

Generally speaking, city right-of-way extends approximately 10 feet from the edge of the street’s pavement.

All signs must have contact information on them. If they do not, the signs are subject to removal.

Learn more on Campaign Signage Regulations.

Stage 2 Fire Restrictions

Finally, due to the continuing dry conditions and the risk of wildfires, the City of Prescott has joined the Central Arizona Fire and Medical Authority, the Prescott National Forest, and Yavapai County in implementing Stage 2 Fire Restrictions.

These restrictions will stay in effect until we receive significant rain throughout the area to justify lifting these restrictions.

I am hoping that everyone will honor these restrictions. It is an important effort that will help to keep our communities safe.

Read the Prescott Fire and CAFMA Fire Restrictions

Read the Prescott National Forest Fire Restrictions

Read the Yavapai County Fire Restrictions

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