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Kingman’s Transportation Master Plan Needs Feedback

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The City of Kingman has initiated developing a Transportation Master Plan (TMP). The TMP will guide future transportation planning strategies and priorities for city projects and private developments in the Kingman area.

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The City of Kingman is asking those who live or travel in the area to provide input on existing and future needs and deficiencies no later than June 6, 2022, so that input can be incorporated into the development of potential transportation improvement projects. To submit comments, members of the public should visit the study website: There, the public can submit comments via an interactive map, take a survey with a comment form, or email

Kingman has several unique transportation-related challenges. The area is bisected by I-40 and the BNSF railroad. These facilities are vital for regional travel and freight movement but also present barriers to local access and circulation. Three large-scale freeway interchange projects are expected to be constructed in the next few years in the Kingman area – I-40/US 93 West Kingman, I-40/Kingman Crossing, and I-40/Rancho Santa Fe.

These freeway interchange projects will improve access, change traffic patterns, and promote safety. There are also several other plans and studies underway or completed since the last Kingman area transportation study was conducted in 2011 that need to be considered and incorporated into the new TMP, which is anticipated to be finalized in January 2023.

“One of our goals is to improve quality of life through transportation,” said Curtis Larsen, Project Manager. “We will be looking at many potential solutions to help our transportation system work better for everyone, including drivers, transit riders, bicyclists, and pedestrians. We want to hear from those who live and travel in the area to learn what issues they would like us to address.”

The TMP has a website ( that contains background information, goals, a schedule, an email subscription option, a contact form, an interactive map, and a survey. The purpose of the website is to facilitate and collect public input so the project team can determine how to best address growth and identify the future transportation needs in the area.

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