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Longtime Community Member Don Packard Throws Hat In Ring for Prescott Valley Town Council

Don Packard Looks to Continue Community Service with Open Council Seat

The 2018 Signals Interview Series aims to educate our community on the candidates running for various political positions on the upcoming ballot. Our interviews are not organized in any particular order, but by first come, first serve basis. We are working diligently to schedule interviews with all candidates.

Don Packard and his wife Darlene moved to the area on April, 01, 2000. In the past 18 years, the decision turned out to be a great one as the couple has enjoyed their time in northern Arizona. Living specifically in Prescott Valley for the last 14 years and volunteering for a good portion of that time, Packard looks to continue serving his community through one of the two open seats on the Prescott Valley Town Council.

Don Packard

“I like the way our community is going and I really want to keep it that way,” Packard said. “We’re on a good path. We have some money in the bank, we are going in a good direction.”


One of five children, Packard was born in Grand Rapids, Michigan and moved to a Northern Missouri dirt farm in the 1940’s. Packard joined the United States Air Force in 1960.

“That’s where you really start to work with people,” Packard said, mentioning the military makes a recruit act like a group through marching and eating together. “You got to work together with folks, you have to, it’s in the brain to be quite honest. I learned to work a lot with folks that way.”

Following retiring from the military in 1981, Packard spent 20 years working in the telecommunications industry in Alaska and Atlanta, Georgia. Throughout this time, he constantly found himself traveling through Arizona and eventually moved to the area.

“I always came back to here,” Packard said. “I really liked the area and still do obviously.”

After retiring from the telecommunications industry in 2002, Packard went to work as a local congressional liaison until retiring again in December 2008.


Through experience with the United States Military, the telecommunications industry and working as a local liaison for a United States Representative, Packard believes he has the ability to serve his town as a councilman.

“I’m a customer service guy,” Packard said. “I like to listen too, that’s kind of a lost art. If I can’t solve their problems, I can sure find somebody that can.”


Packard has made a variety of contacts in the area during his time volunteering for a many organizations in town such as with the Prescott Veterans Hospital as a Wednesday morning information desk volunteer for 16 years, the Town’s Good Works program and being a member of the Prescott Valley History Society board, just to name a few.

In addition, Packard graduated from the 2nd class of the Citizens Academy.

Being such a prominent member of the community for over a decade, Packard has grown to know the Prescott Valley Town Council members well and sees a smooth transition into his first elected position.

“I’ve worked them before so it’s not going to be a new experience, but it’s going to be a little different,” Packard said.


According to Packard, things are looking good financially for the town, mentioning there is a good rainy day fund and Prescott Valley’s Public Service Personnel Retirement System (PSPRS) is on schedule. If elected, Packard looks to focus on road improvement such as the Viewpoint area needing a north-south connector which was something he heard while on the campaign trail.

“I’m looking forward to serving and I hope I get the votes,” Packard said.


The primary election takes place on August 28h, 2018.


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