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May 2nd Update with Prescott Mayor Phil Goode

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Prescott Mayor Phil Goode discussed several topics in his updates on Facebook providing important information for the residents of Prescott, Arizona.

Here is the update for May 2, 2022:

  • Fire and Safety
  • Prescott City Council
  • New City Attorney
  • National Work Zone Awareness Week
  • Road Work
  • Prescott Police Traffic Enforcements

Fire and Safety

I have attended all three of the Community Meetings regarding the Crooks Fire. I would like to take this opportunity to thank the Incident Management Team 4 from California, under the leadership of Rocky Opliger. Without their professionalism and fire-fighting skill, we would certainly be in a much different place than we are now. We appreciate them, as well as our local firefighters enormously.

We will be entering Stage 1 Fire Restrictions this week. Please be sure to follow those restrictions carefully, and help keep our communities safe from wildfire.

I also want to urge you to examine your homes closely for good Defensible Space practices. This effort can be the difference between saving your home during a wildfire or not.

Read more on the upcoming fire restrictions that will begin May 5th at 8:00 am.

Prescott City Council

During the Study Session, last week, we heard a presentation from PROTECT, which stands for Planning for the Resilience of Our Towns, Environment, Climate, and Tourism. I found their information to be very interesting.
During the presentation and discussion regarding Community Risk Reductions and Lessons Learned from the 2002 Indian Fire, Chief Durre stressed the need for preparedness and forward-thinking. I am very interested in having this conversation move ahead in the future with very specific proposals.

The Yavapai County Public Works is proposing a new roundabout at Commerce Drive and Pioneer Parkway, for the purpose of safety and improved traffic flow due to new residential developments nearby. This is still at the county’s planning stage, but I do appreciate their bringing us into the discussion.

New City Attorney

We have a new City Attorney, Joseph D. Young! He will be joining the city in June. When he arrives, I will do another video interview so that you can learn more about him!

Revised Water Policy

The Revised Water Policy was approved by the City Council last week. I am very pleased that we have a new policy which will help ensure the water sustainability for Prescott for many more decades.

I know that some of you may still have questions about this new policy and how it affects you. We are putting together some information sheets and videos to help our residents understand it better. I will be sure to let you know when that is available. And I am also in the process of creating a new ad-hoc committee to monitor and advise on the policy’s implementation.

Last week’s Council meeting can be seen on the City’s Facebook page, Channel 64, and YouTube.

Review the City’s Water Management Policy and City Code Amendment.

National Work Zone Awareness Week

Recently, the state recognized National Work Zone Awareness Week. However, being aware of road work zones is important all year. The Arizona Department of Transportation reminds us that, “Work Zones are a Sign to Slow Down.”

Did you know that over 70 people have been killed in work zone crashes over the last five years in Arizona? We don’t want that to happen here.

In Prescott, our wonderful weather is typically accompanied by various roadwork and infrastructure projects. Right now, we have our Pavement Rehabilitation Projects, the Rocky Dells Water Main Replacement Project, the Sundog Sewer Trunk Main project, and the EZ Street Sewer Relocation Project, just to name a few. If you’ve driven on Miller Valley Road lately, you know there is a lot happening there, too. All of these projects could easily include lane closures, reduced speeds, rough road conditions, loud noise, heavy equipment, and flagging operations. Cross traffic is also more challenging in some of these areas.

So, please, be alert, drive carefully and slowly in these work zone areas. As a City, we are dedicated to keeping people safe, and we need drivers to do their part, too.

Prescott Road Work

Speaking of road work in Prescott, do you have an annoying pothole on your street? Is it difficult to see stop signs or at intersections? Are there other issues that need to be corrected? The City of Prescott has a way the public can request Street Maintenance through an online form, or by calling the Street Maintenance Hotline number 928-777-1666 or visit

Prescott Police Traffic Enforcements

The Prescott Police Department has been and will continue to conduct consistent traffic enforcement efforts throughout the City. For example, during the week of April 17th, the Traffic Safety Section of the Prescott Police Department concentrated on the downtown area.

As they targeted speeders and dangerous and reckless driving, they stopped a total of 71 vehicles in the week, resulting in 111 traffic violations. The Police Department will continue these traffic enforcement efforts throughout the city in an attempt to slow down traffic to reduce traffic crashes and help save lives. Roadside safety is the responsibility of every driver. If you observe erratic driving behavior, please contact law enforcement immediately.

In the meantime, you can avoid being stopped and receiving a ticket by simply driving safely within the posted speed limits, following all traffic laws, and being aware of what is happening around you.

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  1. Kenneth says:

    I think we need more enforcement of speed limits on 69 . I see more and more out of town and locals driving way over the 45 mile a hour speed limit .The town could use the extra revenue and save lives.

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