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Mayor Goode Discusses Water Policy

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Just last week, Prescott City Council approved a new water policy, one that is designed to help us properly manage this precious resource. For many years, the City has offered programs to encourage our citizens to conserve water at home.

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The City offers a series of rebates for homeowners who upgrade their appliances and fixtures to high-efficiency models that conserve water better than ever. Rebates are also available for rainwater harvesting systems, turf removal and smart irrigation timers. I would like to make our citizens aware of these rebates in hopes that more will take advantage of these existing programs.

If you are planning to upgrade your home with new appliances and fixtures, check in to water-efficient products such as low‐flow toilets, water-saving washers, showerheads, and even drip irrigation systems and rainwater harvesting systems. The City of Prescott has great water conservation rebate opportunities, available to all City of Prescott water users. Here are some examples of the rebates.

Rainwater Harvesting Rebate

Citizens who incorporate a rainwater harvesting system can save money and limit use of the municipal water supply. If you install an active rainwater harvesting system, you can receive a water conservation rebate of 50-cents per gallon of storage. This rebate is available to all City of Prescott water users.

Turf Removal

If you are thinking about landscaping your yard by using more drought-tolerant plants, think also about removing any grass or turf. The City provides a rebate of 50 cents per square foot of turf removed.

Smart Irrigation Timer

If you install a WaterSense labeled Smart Irrigation Timer, you can receive a $75 rebate.

Toilet Rebate

If you replace a toilet with a 1 gallon per flush or less model, you can receive a $100 rebate. If you are a septic user, you will receive an additional $50 for installing such a high-efficiency model.

Washing Machine Rebate

If you replace a washing machine with an ultra-high-efficiency model, you will receive a $200 rebate on your utility bill. If you are a septic user, you will receive an additional $50.

These rebates are available to all City of Prescott water customers. Be sure to keep all receipts and visit for rules and guidelines or call 928-777-1645.

The City is doing its part to enact a sensible water policy so that we can manage growth and responsible water use for years to come. As citizens, it is up us to all of us to conserve our precious water resources.

Time of Day Watering Message

The City of Prescott is a WaterSmart community, and outdoor watering habits make a big difference. Please remember that time of day watering restrictions are in effect from April 15th through November 1st so don’t forget to water your yard between 8 at night and 8 in the morning. This saves water for Prescott and is the most efficient time to water your landscaping. Thank you for doing your part to live WaterSmart! For more information on water conservation please visit

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