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MICTED Governing Board Appointment Made

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Yavapai County School Superintendent Tim Carter is pleased to announce the appointment of Mrs. Meghan Dumford to the Mountain Institute Career and Technology Education (MICTED) District Governing Board, to represent the Seligman Unified School District.

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The appointment will be effective March 23, 2022, and will expire on December 31, 2022. Mrs. Dumford indicated she will run for this seat in the 2022 election cycle.

The vacancy was due to the resignation of Board Member Andrew Smiley, who indicated he has relocated out of the school district, as the cause. Mr. Smiley’s service to the school district is greatly appreciated.

Mrs. Dumford has been a resident of Seligman, within the Mountain Institute CTED, since 2009. She graduated from Seligman High School and has taken courses at Yavapai College.

Mrs. Dumford is married, and the couple have two children who attend Seligman Schools. She is employed by Seligman Unified School District where she has worked in various classified positions for many years, as a paraprofessional, in the kitchen, with maintenance, and as a bus driver and bus driving trainer.

Mr. Carter posted this position within both school districts and with local media. Upon receipt of a letter of interest and resume, he conducted an individual interview and communicated with individual members of both the Seligman and Mountain Institute Governing Boards to get their feedback, prior to making the appointment.

Mrs. Dumford accepted the appointment because of her belief that “vocational and career-based instruction is extremely important in today’s society.”

Superintendent Carter said that hopefully “Mrs. Dumford will retain the seat for several years since there has been a high degree on turnover. She should be a supportive partner with the existing Board Members. Her background, education, and work experience should serve her extremely well in this new endeavor. She has always been an advocate for career-related instruction and that passion comes across loud and clear

Mr. Carter may be reached at 928-925-6560 (cell). Mrs. Dumford may be contacted at 928-925-0913.

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