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My Drive Podcast, Ep 001, Dec 15: Top Events, News

Your Weekly Podcast Covering Top Stories and Events for Central Arizona

Article audio is made possible by CAST11 Prescott Podcast Network. A Talking Glass Media production.

In this inaugural episode, “My Drive” hosts Elicia Morigeau and Guy Roginson cover this week’s top local news, events, Mayor updates, what a male llama is called (do you even know?), what a female bear is called (?), in addition to Prescott Valley’s national champs, Storm Cheer of Prescott Valley.

Buckle up and hold on to this first episode of My Drive. Watch out for those round-a-bouts!! “My Drive” is a production of Talking Glass Media. 

Below you have the choice to listen to the podcast, or, watch the VLOG on our YouTube Channel. Enjoy your choices!

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My Drive is your weekly podcast update covering the top news and events happening in Central Arizona (Prescott, Prescott Valley, Chino Valley and beyond).

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