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New Outdoor Summit, Crumbl Cookies, Palguta’s Podcast, Goode Talks: Prescott’s Top Podcast

The CAST 11 Podcast Network is sponsored by the Prescott Valley Outdoor Summit. Where adventure comes together.

Here’s this week’s Prescott Top Podcasts on the CAST11 podcast network, including a new outdoor summit for the region, the nation’s best cookie is coming to Prescott Valley and Mayoral updates for Palguta and Goode.

#1 – Fain Signature Group Announces the 2022 Prescott Valley Outdoor Summit

#2 – Crumbl Cookies Opening Soon in Prescott Valley

#3 – Prescott Mayor’s Weekly Podcast: More Goode News!

#4 – Latest on the Crook’s Fire (May 4th)

#5 – Mayor Palguta’s Weekly Podcast for Prescott Valley

#6 – Arizona’s Monsoon Forecast


What is an Arizona Monsoon? How do They Develop? Check out the Science:

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