Olsen’s Grain 2021 Chick Deliveries

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Spring will soon be in the air and with it, Olsen’s Grain 2021 chick deliveries will hit stores. In March, baby chicks will begin arriving at select Olsen’s locations and continue to arrive weekly. Please call your local Olsen’s store to confirm chick breeds and arrival dates and follow us on Olsen’s Facebook for updates.

Please note: Chicks are not guaranteed. Some deliveries may change due to what the hatchery sends to Olsens. It’s always best to call your local store first.

Click the link below or call the phone number listed to see Olsen’s Grain 2020 Chick Deliveries:

Chino Valley Store Chick Dates: Phone:928-636-2321
Prescott Store Chick Dates: Phone: 928-445-1664
Verde Valley Store Chick Dates: Phone: 928-649-3900
Flagstaff Store Chick Dates: Phone: 928-522-0568
Dewey Store Chick Days: Phone: 928 –632–5233

Now is the time to start your backyard flock and have fresh eggs at your fingertips. Chick starter kits, chick feeders, waterers, and chicken feed are all available at your local Olsen’s Grain location. Stop in today to speak with our chick experts to get everything you need to raise a healthy flock!

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