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Our Open Borders Are Killing Us

Paul Gosar

Congressman Paul Gosar (R).

I am, correctly, known as a border hawk. I believe a sovereign nation has the right to control its borders, and the obligation to control who comes and goes, and what comes and goes. For my stand on this I am heavily criticized by the leftists who want open borders. They call me all sorts of names out of desperation, but the fact remains: we have a right to control who comes into our country and what they are bringing.

Currently there is an opioid crisis in the United States. It’s been all over the news. We have held hearings in Congress and passed many laws, on top of the existing drug enforcement laws. We can throw billions more at treatment (and we just did) and we can blame pharmaceutical companies (some people do blame them, but they are not making the drugs that are killing the most people and they are not to blame for the illegal use of opioids anyway).

But the real problem is how these drugs get here. Right now, cheap and lethal fentanyl is being made in China and then spiced up in Mexico by drug cartels. Then, they bring it to the United States where thousands of our people are dying from overdoses every year. The drug cartels find it amusingly easy to waltz across our unprotected border. The open borders advocates try to fool you into thinking we don’t need ICE, or we don’t need border patrol at all, and they will call you a racist if you think we do. But they have blood on their hands. Their open borders world is actually used for sex trafficking and drug trafficking. So while you are being told it’s all about children and families, the stark truth is a large percentage of these kids are being sex trafficked and were sold or kidnapped. In 2016, under Obama, the New York Times reported the DHHS placed “more than a dozen immigrant children in the custody of human traffickers after it failed to conduct background checks of caregivers.”

A recent expose by Conrad Romero pointed out the following: “Despite significant seizures of fentanyl over the past year, the lethal synthetic opioid keeps pouring into the country across Arizona’s border with Mexico, the Drug Enforcement Administration and the Arizona Department of Public Safety say. ‘We are the tip of the spear for drug trafficking,’ said Doug Coleman, the DEA’s special agent in charge of the Phoenix office, ‘and if you want to see what will happen to the rest of the country, watch what happens in Arizona first.” Mr. Romero concludes that the “cartel has claimed Arizona’s border with Mexico as its territory, the DEA says.” Read the full story here:

If we want to really address the opioid situation, we need to secure our borders immediately. Do not be fooled or bullied by those who will call us names. They are directly responsible for children being trafficked and for thousands of deaths every year. Stand with me to protect our borders.

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5 responses to “Our Open Borders Are Killing Us”

  1. susan rakay says:

    You said if I started a GoFundMe account for the border wall you would contribute. Your office did the research and gave me the ok to do it so I’m waiting for your donation. Please promote this to all those in your district 4. Thank you.

  2. Sandra Lee Smith says:

    I suspect, but can’t prove, the drug influx, as much as the illegals’ votes are why the left so opposes closing our borders. It infuriates me when leftists claim Jesus wouldn’t support closing our borders when it was GOD Himself Who instituted the notion of nations and borders. Of course the left wants nothing to do with Him or His laws either, so it’s no surprise that they reject law and order, including borders and control of those borders. A drugged and stuporous population is easier to control and manipulate. It’s primarily the left that’s been pushing for legalized marijuana, without telling the truth about what it actually does to people and society. But a largely dead population fits their agenda even better. Drugs are obviously a way to achieve either of those. The sad part is that most of the people supporting this have no realistic idea what it is they’re supporting; and what it will mean for them as well as all other Americans.

  3. Larry Wilson says:

    We need to completely close the border and tax the money sent to Mexico by illegals. You know Mexico is taxing it there. Stop all trade till they stop the criminals from,coming here. It’s harsh but, it will show Mexico we mean business now. We have to take strong measures and now. They will pay for the wall this way.

  4. Martin Kinnaman says:

    Rep Gosar;
    The border needs to be controlled. A wall is silly and expensive. Bring the troops home from all the ILLEGAL wars and conflicts America is involved with. Spread these people out on bases along the borders, utilize the incredible technology designed for the purpose of monitoring area’s and protecting areas. That would be the proper use of the military and create an environment for their restocking and retraining. Don’t let the hawks bleed US anymore.
    The “drug war” is the real problem. This alleviates the responsibility for taking drugs and marketing drugs. Tighter borders will help with the slavery and other miseries. However, it is the un Constitutional “warring” on drugs or prostitution or any personal decisions about our own bodies that is at the root of the expense and “criminality”. When the government criminalizes personal behavior beyond Law (“do all you have agreed to do and do not encroach on other persons or their property”), then not only is the government outside its LEGAL purview, but that means that the operators of the government (YOU and your colleagues), are violating your Oath of Office!!
    Tighten up your understanding of Constitutional Law. Stay strong on the borders. Talk some sense into all those political hacks you work with and get them to understand that the Oath of Office is the sword over their bleeping necks. Be happy I am not “in power”.

  5. Rosanne Hargrove says:

    Please stay strong on your fight to stop illegal immigration. Drugs are one of a myriad of negative consequences Americans are facing because of our failure to stop illegal immigration. Illegal immigrants are crippling our legal system, our educational system, our healthcare system, our social services and more. Quite literally, Americans are being robbed blind by not only addicts but thru our taxes supporting illegals. Unfortunately hard working Americans pay the consequences.

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