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Outdoor Summit Coming, AZ Travel ID Deadline, Monsoon Forecast – Top Prescott Podcasts This Week

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TOP PRESCOTT PODCASTS THIS WEEK:  The Prescott Valley Outdoor Summit is launching this September. The AZ Travel ID deadline is back on. Will rain come? Here’s the Arizona Monsoon Forecast.

#1 – The Prescott Valley Outdoor Summit is coming September 2022!

#2 – CRUMBL Cookies Opening in Prescott Valley – The Nation’s best!

#3 – Mayor Goode’s Weekly Podcast for Prescott, AZ.

#4 – Mayor Palguta’s Weekly Podcast for Prescott Valley, AZ.

# 5 – The Arizona Monsoon Forecast for 2022

#6 – Prescott’s Farmers Market Season Begins

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The Prescott Outdoor Summit is coming in September 2022! Find Out More!

Prescott Valley Outdoor Summit

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