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Phoenix Pilots New Cleanup Program

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The City of Phoenix successfully completed its pilot program of enhanced cleanings on Madison St. between 12th and 13th Avenues. Despite misgivings by the ACLU, the court refused to prohibit the City of Phoenix’s cleaning efforts and the City intends to continue its efforts in that regard.

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Photo Credit: City of Phoenix

The enhanced cleanings provide an important opportunity to conduct outreach and engage with people who are unsheltered to offer them services to help end their homelessness and safe indoor spaces to stay. Approximately 40 individuals were staying in the pilot area and each person was offered an available bed at a shelter. 33 people accepted services and were placed in shelter.

The City of Phoenix is always looking to improve our processes when it comes to serving those who are unsheltered. Prior to conducting this pilot, we implemented additional measures to address concerns about property and storage. We will thoroughly review and adjust our practices if we need to make any additional modifications. Our process withstood a legal challenge and we are confident that continuing the enhanced cleanings with these measures in place will protect the constitutional rights of our unsheltered residents.

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