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Phoenix Receives $1 Million Grant

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The City of Phoenix is excited to receive a $1 million grant from the Federal Transit Administration (FTA) to help implement the South-Central / Downtown Hub light rail extension Transit-Oriented Development (TOD) Community plan. The Phoenix project is one of 19 to receive a portion of the $13.1 million awarded in 14 states. The grant is another step forward in Phoenix continuing to build modern infrastructure with an equitable future.

Phoenix Receives $1 Million Grant signals az

The five-mile extension will connect south Phoenix to the regional light rail system, which runs from downtown Phoenix to Baseline Road. The South Central/Downtown Hub light rail line is expected to open in 2024.

This federal funding will help the City with its mission of supporting affordable housing, increasing public transit ridership, connectivity and accessibility for residents and visitors. The funding also will assist in opportunities for investment in the local economy.

Phoenix Mayor Gallego and Councilmembers expressed their support for the award:

“The City of Phoenix recognizes the rich history in this corridor. Many are second and third generation families and businesses, all of whom take great pride in their community,” says Phoenix Mayor Kate Gallego. “As we continue to make progress on the South Central light rail line, this funding will further advance our goal to integrate effective transit driven by community collaboration.”

In March 2022, the Phoenix City Council approved the South-Central TOD Community Plan that shows a shared community vision for the corridor with the addition of light rail.

“With the South Central Light Rail Extension bringing much-needed transportation options and future revitalization to South Phoenix, community members took the lead in putting forward a plan that ensures the region redevelops in the right way from a bottom-up approach, that doesn’t simply push those who live there out,” explains Councilwoman Ansari. “This grant supports this vision.”

“The core of this plan is to build an equitable future for residents and riders along the South-Central corridor,” notes Councilmember Carlos Garcia. “This grant is moving Phoenix forward and making sure the project is done with the community and not to the community.”

The grant monies will be used to complete several actions identified in the plan towards achieving environmentally equitable and connected communities.

About Transportation 2050: In Aug. 2015, Phoenix voters approved Transportation 2050 (T2050), a 35-year citywide transportation plan. T2050 is overseen by the Citizens Transportation Commission and includes improved frequency on local bus service, new light rail service and stations and major street improvement projects. Funding for T2050 comes from a 7/10ths of a cent city sales tax that started Jan. 1, 2016. Over the life of the plan, the funds are estimated to generate about $16.7 billion, or more than half of the plan’s overall cost. There will be an additional $14.8 billion in federal and county funds, passenger fares and other sources. For more information, visit the T2050 page or follow Phoenix Public Transit, Phoenix Street Transportation and Valley Metro on Twitter.

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