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Pima County Approves Vote Centers for 2022 Elections

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The Pima County Board of Supervisors, Tuesday, May 3, approved the locations of 129 Vote Centers where primary and general election voters can cast their ballots.

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The 2022 elections in Pima County will look a little different but it is all in the name of an even more secure election.

Vote Centers differ from precinct-only voting where voters could only cast a ballot on Primary Day or Election Day at the polling place specific to the precinct in which they are registered. With Vote Centers, voters can cast a ballot at any County Vote Center.

“Vote Centers will dramatically streamline and simplify in-person voting in Pima County by allowing voters to cast their ballots at the location most convenient to them,” said Pima County Elections Director Constance Hargrove.

The purchase of systems the Board authorized in February makes Vote Centers possible. These included electronic pollbooks and ballot-on-demand printers.

E-pollbooks are secure tablet computers that hold the County Recorder’s most up-to-date voter registration list. Elections workers at Vote Centers will use the e-pollbook to determine if a person is a registered voter and in what precinct.

Once the voter’s identification and registration status are verified, elections workers check them in and the system sends the voter’s information to a ballot printer, which will print a ballot specific to their precinct. Precinct registration determines which ballot the voter receives and which Congressional, Legislative, Supervisory, Community College, School district, or other elections they can vote in.

The State Legislature authorized vote centers in 2011. Since that time, 11 Arizona counties have made use of them for their elections, including Maricopa County.

Learn more about Vote Centers and find their locations for the August Primary Election at

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