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Prepping for a Prescott Summer

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This is an exciting time of year here in the Quad City area. There are so many activities and events that start taking place in and around Prescott, Prescott Valley, and the surrounding towns. People seem to come from all around to experience what we sometimes take for granted. The upcoming 4th of July festivities and the Rodeo are a major draw and bring visitors from all over. There’s kind of a buzz in town as the weather warms up.

Businesses, restaurants, shops, and vacation rentals are gearing up too. It’s that time of year to prepare for the busiest season by cleaning and sprucing up the inside and outside of your business. It also takes more effort to keep things maintained during this time. It’s a good idea to get professional help to prepare and maintain, even if it is just temporary. Summer camps are at capacity, stores and shops have constant traffic, restaurants are filled to the brim, vacation rentals and hotels are booked out weeks in advance. It feels good to see people out enjoying the summer and of course, it feels good when business is good, but it is sometimes difficult to keep up in all the hustle-bustle. It’s important to make sure your business is presented at its best and shows well by keeping things in good working order and clean.

Another aspect of the Prescott summer is the coming of the Monsoons. Thankfully we don’t usually have to deal with the huge dust storms that some of the other areas of Arizona experience, but we do have Monsoons. Make sure roofs are in good shape, and that you have good drainage in the yard to prevent flooding. Clear the leaves from the roof and from the rain gutters on your house and business. Remove debris and overgrown bushes and trees. Make sure you have the right amount of brush clearance for fire safety around your home and property.

Are you ready? Do you need help during this busy time? The Quad Cities are filled with willing and qualified businesses to assist you with just about anything you may need help with to make this a successful summer for your business and family.

And finally, I want to mention as part of this Prescott Summer article that the 4th of July is another great time to remember and thank our veterans and active-duty military. We love our parades, fireworks displays, and patriotic songs. Thank a Veteran for helping to keep this country free and for the sacrifice that many have made and are currently making for all of us. Maybe offer a discount, recognize them publicly at an event or just extend a hand to a Vet this summer. We wish everyone an exciting, fun, and safe summer.

If you would like Prescott Maid to Order help you get ready for summer and check cleaning off your list of things to do, simply call us today at 928-899-8518. For more information visit

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