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Prescott National Forest Visitors Asked to Stay Off Senator Hwy

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The Prescott National Forest reminds visitors that the Forest does not remove snow or plow roads during winter months. Recent storms produced significant accumulation across Yavapai County, catching travelers off guard. This resulted in vehicles becoming stuck, being stranded, or sliding off the road. Considering these events, the Forest Service urges travelers to exercise caution when traveling on Forest Service Roads (FSR) during times when snow and inclement weather are possible.

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Continued winter weather conditions have made many roads across the forest impassable. Snow has made sections of the Senator Hwy (FSR-52) impassable. We ask forest visitors to stay off Senator Hwy (FSR-52) from the Mayer/Goodwin Junction on County Road 177 north to Poland Junction Road (FSR 261). We recommend that visitors traveling to Crown King use County Road 178.

Please keep in mind that many areas of the forest have little to no cell coverage for emergency calls. We encourage visitors to be prepared and check local and extended weather forecasts before traveling.

Snow removal and plowing are not performed during winter months. Plowing snow on native or aggregate-surfaced roads can result in damage due to increased traffic on wet roads. Plowing can encourage travel during unsafe road conditions resulting in costly damage from the inevitable ruts left behind. As the snow melts and warmer weather arrives, roads will become wet, muddy, and dangerous. To avoid damage to vehicles and road systems, the Forest encourages visitors to use caution and whenever possible not drive native or aggregate surfaced roads during snow melt and runoff.

For more information, please contact the Bradshaw/Chino Ranger District at 928-443-8000.

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