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Prescott Valley Community Development Report – June 2020

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The Prescott Valley Community Development Department released the June 2020 monthly staff report featuring 300 new permits across both commercial and residential. The following is a quick overview.

Commercial Valuation Amount (Permits)
Renewal (0) $0 $0
Demolition (0) $0 $0
Garages, Carports (0) $0 $0
Improvements (11) Deposits (1) $98,658 $1,696
MISC Other (9) Deposits (1) $160,583 $2,970
New (6) Deposits (0) $11,013,113 $15,625
Zoning (1) $2,500 $37
TOTAL Commercial: $11,274,854 $20,328
TOTAL Residential: $13,614,412 $92,361
TOTAL JUNE $24,889,266 $112,689

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